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copy machine etiquette

copy machine etiquette

I think I finally found a pet peeve that surpasses people getting on the elevator before you have had a chance to get off. I address the following to the people who have contributed to my annoyance:

Hello Office Copy Machine Users!

Do you think it it too much to ask that you put the copier back on its original settings before you leave the copy room? I mean, what could it take - three seconds - to push a button or two? I understand your need to enlarge and print sideways and double sided and upside down and backwards all at the same time; I completely know what its like to have to darken or lighten or use a special sized paper and make 45 copies, all of which the machine will collate (special button pressed) and staple (special button pressed). However, being the considerate co-worker I am, I always put the machine back to its original settings before I leave, lest the next person who comes in to use the machine to make one simple 8x11 copy ends up with 45 enlarged 8x14s with a dark background. One button -reset- will do the trick, folks. It's not brain surgery. Hell, it's not even plastic surgery. Of course, the main reason you don't take the time to hit reset is probably because you are a selfish pig who doesn't give a crap about anyone else's needs. I'll tell you what. I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. Either you press that reset button next time or I will bash your head against the copier repeatedly until it starts printing copies in your blood instead of ink. Thank you and have a lovely day.


Never rely on the kindness of strangers. And check the lid before you sit down...

This used to be one of my biggest pet peeves as well, until I realized that the one second it took me to hit the reset button as I reached the machine saved me so much grief.

I thought about that too. But it's just the point, damn it!!

I used to sit next to the copier. Next to all those people awkwardly making copies while staring directly at my desk. All those people who needed to have something to say to ease their awkwardness.

They all picked the same thing each day, whether it was my shoes, an object on my desk, whatever, I heard about it 50-100 times.

Look, we people who sit by the copier know what you're doing. We know who's doing work-related copying and who isn't. We know about the church newsletters, the dresser for sale flyers, the tax returns.

So listen, we won't tell on you if you promise to keep your observations about our appearance, desk toys and the weather to yourself. K? :)

how about them people who make their stupid colored flyers on nasty flourescent colored paper, then leave the damned paper in there when they're done? and then they bitch about people who, after taking said nastyass paper out, put it somewhere where they couldn't easily find it?

can you tell i've printed reports that have come out on pink paper? more than once?

The first time I collated my ass, it hurt. After that, each other time became just a little bit easier...

Thank you Michele for talking about this issue - it is something that I have been keeping inside for about a year now. Yes, I hit the reset button after I use it but I also have to hit it before because the asshole who uses it before me NEVER DOES! I am so happy to get that out!

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