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photoshop contest voting

photoshop contest voting and other sundry stuff

Don't forget that Banned Books Week begins today. Take part by participating in my special project.

I'm running out to a much dreaded, often cancelled and re-scheduled doctor's appointment today. No time to think of something interesting or argument-provoking to say.

Oh, wait. I did promise a prize for the best entry in this post, the one that started all my troubles yesterday.

Vote for the following entries. Use the comments below. Winner gets...something. I haven't decided yet.


If you had a problem with this photo contest, just don't vote. If you want to make a comment about it, do so in the original post, not here.


Dirty free-thinker.

Okay Oliver, that's a funny-once.

i have to go with seki's entry, as usual. is it fair for her to win all of the photoshop contests? ;)

catholic basher!!!

PDM gets my vote.

tourist guy. I heart him.

i vote for the nun puppets


Nicole's tourist guy, he seems oh so familiar!

Tanya...so? :P

I vote for Robyn's...

I have to vote for Stacy's! :-)

That's what I get for being too fucking busy during the week--a late entry into the photoshop contest, with no chance of winning and scoring the admiration of Michele's readers. Woe is me.

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