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read any banned books lately?

read any banned books lately?

Banned Books Week begins tomorrow. I suppose this would be a good time to whore my own project, the aptly named Banned Books Project.

I have a little thing going on over there so you can contribute to the project with the greatest of ease and little effort.

Banned Books Week begins tomorrow. Want to contribute? Here's how:

Send me one sentence. That's right, just one sentence. Just find a book that has been banned or challenged that you have read and in one sentence, convince someone else to read it.

Go on over and leave your sentence. Celebrate your freedom to read.


oh fuck me. i still haven't written you a review. i'm sorry. i'm putting a note on my computer right now...

Dangerous Free-thinker!!

Crap! Sorry - forgot to leave my name. You probably picked up on that, though, didn't you, you free-thinking woman? Yeah, I thought you did. Free-thinker.

By the way, if you couldn't tell, I think that is the funniest "epithet" I have ever heard applied to anyone in a derogatory way. "You're a dangerous free-thinker."

Snnrrk! Snort! Bwaahahahahahaa!

Free-thinker! Get with the program! PAY for it like everyone else!


Off to the library - I've got a nice long list of books I want to check out. Let's see how many I can get read.