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wednesday night at the movies

wednesday night at the movies

Brains. Brains Brains! Braaaaaaaaaaaains!



I'll take "Night of the Living Dead" for 200, Alex.

when there's no room in hell, the dead will walk the earth!!!

Oh, you were all SO CLOSE! But it was that zombie movies that all zombie movies of the future will be compared to; the greatest zombie movie ever, Return of the Living Dead.

We do have some nice parting prizes for you, though. A lifetime supply of BRAINS!

Great movie - if only because it gave the Cramps a reason to record "Surfing Dead." (And character actor James Karen's finest role.)

Send more cops!

let's just make out on a tombstone instead.

I would like to know what channel shows re-runs of the Family Affair and the Flinstones. I hope there are some channels besides "TV Land", that air comedies from the sixties, also are any channels airing the re-runs of "That Girl".

Please let me know....thank you for your help.