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blast from the past

blast from the past

It's almost the one year anniversary of the day I lost my mind. So here, to re-hash the entire ugly episode for your amusement:

The Spitting Incident.

The day that wouldn't stop sucking...

I did something today. I did something totally incomprehensible. I believe I have lost my mind. Keep in mind the day I was having. Stress and idiot filled. Fueled by a vague sense of anger and a bad back. Spent the day writing jury charges over and over again which basically came down to saying: some people lie, some people don't. Use your judgment. But it was said in oh...18 pages. Lots of traffic and pms and people with attitudes and general crankiness.

So I'm driving home. I can take two ways. I choose which way to go based on time and traffic flow. Today I go left. I make another left and head east down Jerusalem. Traffic stops. It stops because there is a school bus with flashing lights in the right lane. Fair enough. Law says stop for school buses. I'm in the right lane, directly behind the bus. Next to me is a white Volvo with two frat boys in it. Our windows are all rolled down. It's a beautiful day. We wait. We wait some more. It's taking a really long time. And then I see why. A mechanical ramp is being rolled out of the bus. Slowly, but surely, the bus driver and an aide bring down a girl of no more than 7, in a wheelchair. She has what I assume to be CP or some debillitating disease. I watch her parents smile at her while they wait for her to get down the ramp.

Then the frat boy in the passenger seat speaks. To me, no less. He looks at me and says, smirking "Maybe if these people kept their tards at home we wouldn't have to sit here in freaking traffic, ya know?" He looks at me as if he expects an agreement. I am stunned. I am horrified. And I am in a horrible mood. I do something that I now think could have been dangerous. I lean out my window, look straight at him and spit. Yes, I spit. I have officially lost my fucking mind. Then, as he is about to scream at me, I say "I would rather have 5 kids like her than one like you, you ungrateful dumb fuck." I roll up my window quickly and lock my door. I sit there for another two minutes or so, willing the parents to please stop talking to the bus driver because I need to move the car because this guy is going to get out of his car and open fire at me. I won't look to the left. I stare straight ahead.

Finally, the lights on the bus stop flashing and the driver pulls his stop sign in. I take off and make the next available right turn and a couple of more turns down side streets until I am in another neighborhood completely. I idle at a stop sign and catch my breath.

I have lost it. Completely.


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happy anniversary. you're still my hero.

ROTFLMFAO!!! Go, Michele! You've made my day with this one. I work with a woman who is this same special brand of stupid. Will you come spit on her? I'll even pay your airfare.

This is when I first fell in love with you, and one year later, the love has not been lost in the least.

Thank God for spitters like you - it makes up for jackasses like them. What they haven't figured out is that someday, like it or not, they'll need that ramp, because after all, we'll all need them someday if we don't already.

It just mystifies me that the only way so many people can understand disability is through fear and or loathing. I appreciate fear of the unknown, but man, you're no better off than I am because you've got two good knees. And if you are, it's because we live in a society designed to value perfection over originality - and even humanity.

I love this story. It always makes me proud that I know someone like you. :)

Thank you Michele. I'm 27, but I still feel the sting from assholes like that. You'd think after spending my whole life in a wheelchair I'd be used to the looks, whispers and snide comments. I'm not. But it feels good to know there are people like you who will stand up to those jerks. You're my hero, too. {{{Hugs}}}

marry me? shoot, you're already married. you are fantastic, woman. absolutely amazing.

That is the best story. I wouldn't say it means you'd lost your mind at all...you just got pushed a little too far and decided you'd had enough. The fact that you were sane enough to lock your door, roll up your window, and look straight ahead says that, to me anyway. But yeah, damn fine story. :)

you haven't lost it! You have more brains than those imbecile frat boys.. How DO they get into colleges and universities anyway? There's a few folks here who could use a good 'spitting' .. do you hire out?

You, dear lady are a goddess. A true avenging angel, sent from above to harass and terrify scumbuckets everywhere. Good work!

You were a normal person having a reaction to a highly fucked up situation.

...and a rather nice reaction, at that. Especially since it's difficult to fling feces while sitting in traffic. (Satisfying, but logistically difficult.)

Spitting is the least you could have done. Congradulations for having the guts to do so!

i guess this answers the ol' "spit or swallow" question...

also, i remember this story the first time you posted it. i remember thinking that the "real" tards were in the car, not on the bus. wow, i've been reading you for over a year... worse yet, i'm actually remembering stuff. whoa.

This occurred before my blog-time, so I'm glad you re-posted it. Good on ya, Michele.

I'm guessing that just as you won't forget this, neither will Frat Boy...which is a good thing!! Thanks for sharing your moment of applied justice!

I wish more people spat upon assholes like that.


I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!! heh
The world needs more people like you, Michele.


I remember that. Twas the day I fell in love with you.

Great reaction! I probably would have been too horrified to say or do anything useful. Then I would have come home and thought of something clever to say 4 hours later. I'm glad you told them where to go.

Hail to the Queen of Justice.

Man you go girl!!!! That was such a great line and I stand in awe of ya babe!!! You ROCK!! :)

Beautiful! (Not sure if you are aware or not, but I used to be a shift manager at a group home of mentally and physically handicapped adults.) If I could, I would give you a huge hug right now!

I wish I still had that kind of nerve. Concealed weapons laws have, sadly, shrunk my brassies.

But that situation warranted spitting at the very least. A little instant karma, perhaps to tide him over until his next life, in which hopefully, he'll pay the full price for the black heart he carries in this one.

Spit away, angel.

That was the day you became My Hero.

Let's hear it for Spit on an Ignorant Frat Boy Day! Woohoo!

Bravo! We need more people like you in the world.


I hope it was a big thick nasty-ass yellow stinky one.

You have been my idol since the day that happened. Tomorrow I will write up what I did ... and let's just say that when I did I thought, "that was such a Michele moment!" Yes, I have named moments after you. Spitting on people is one of them. You are the best!

you know I'm still waiting for you to spit on me like you promised when I....

More people need to lose their mind like that.

That post was actually the first time I wandered upon your site. I became a regular reader ever after!

That fucking rocks, Michele. Now you are my hero, too!

hooray for the spitters!

stands with applause, a tear in her eye I wish I had the balls you do.

Wow. Thank you. The world needs more people like you, with courage, brains and a heart.

I would pay for you to have a Cobra Venom Sacks transplant. I learned to respect the Spitting Cobra way back in the day in SE Asia. Sic Semper Assholes

Thank you - I doubt I would do something so brave instead of inwardly squirming and not saying a word.