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bug spray

bug spray

I made this little graphic last night. If you should have a troll/blogroach in your comments, don't delete its rantings, just go in and paste this graphic in the idiot's comment.

Please do not link directly to the graphic, just right click and save to your own hard drive, thank you.


Oh, and I almost forgot. Go check out Rannie's 100k Photo Contest. My two entries so far are here.


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Love the graphic (hope I never get hit with it).

Hey, what if I AGREE with everything in the "most obnoxious manner possible"? BlogLeech?

I love it!! I've been lucky, in that most of my commenters are lucid and relatively polite. I can see where this just might come in handy, though!!


I shall be using your graphic this very day in fact!

Roach's are nice, but I preefer gerbils. The fashist at the pet shop always calls me sick queer and chases me away.

Brown becomes me, especially if it's in the very middle of my face, as I slurp greedily from a strange man's butthole.

Too stupid to even get the URL correct. Loser.

apparently, i don't talk enough smack. i don't get roaches.

let's see if yours works...

Hey! The Yankees Suck!


*great graphic, mind if I apply it myself from time 2 time?

Brilliant! (As always...)

I used to have Troll's on my site. Then I made this post and they suddenly went away.

I've also noticed that they really don't like it when you publicly post their IP address.

I fondel myself while looking at pictures of Trent Lot.

I want to crawel into bed with Ted Kenedy.

I would give anything to have even haff the smarts and looks of Dawn.

Except my penus. I wouldnt give that up because than I would have nothing else to do with my lonley nights.

Look at my face Michele. I have poo smeered on it. Sweet delishus poo.


michele = my hero. har har.

I'm sad to say that I have cause to use your splendid graphic for the first time today.

This is why:

"I believe in most cases women don't help themselves, wearing short shirts and tops. These women deep down either want to have men looking at them hence teasing and running the risk of rape or have some sexual fantasy (like most women do) of a strange man giving them sex in a different way Women ask for it!"


Girl that so rocks!!! I would like a 100 cases please :)

Thank you, thank you. My recent posts about the upcoming war folly have brought me a couple of roaches. I've gone one step farther, though: I've invited them to put their money where their mouthes are and send me the money to go to Iraq.