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bragging rights

bragging rights

I warned you there would be pictures.

Hey, it's my blog and if I want to post pictures of my son's amazing pitching skills, then so be it. It's not like I'm posting cat stuff.

He had four strikeouts in two innings, and then he played shortstop. And when he threw his curveball, one coach said "He shouldn't be throwing that. Nope, he should not be throwing that fine, fine curveball of his."

Check out his form. Look at that wind-up. See his follow through?

I'll shut up now.


Pardon the haze, but there was a minor dirt storm kicking up through the whole game.

I'm off to Ikea. If I'm not back in two hours, call the shopping police.


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Trying to make me your bitch again? :)

You post a lot of photos on this site. Do you have a digital camera, or do you use, um, an analog camera and then scan them in?

kids got one heck of an arm there.

Laurence, quite the opposite.

I have both and SLR and a digital camera. The pictures above were taken with the digital, a Sony FD Mavica with a dirt-coated lens.

The Kid is a natural!! Sign him!

Yep, soon he'll be snubbing fans, whining about not having as many Jaguars as Jeter and holding out for that extra billion. Way to go!

No, no, no. He's going to be that rare baseball player that willingly signs autographs and lives a humble existence.

I swear.

IKEA is very very dangerous. i just spent $400 i didn't have on a new bedroom for jocelyn. and two days building stuff, i like to build stuff. damn those swedes.

i love that serious little boy baseball face... :)

And you're going to be the mom with caviar dreams and champagne whatevers, right? uh-huh.....
if The Kid goes on strike then I'll refuse to go to any more of his games this season.

He's going to grow up very rich & support his aunt & cousin!

I swear, I'm only saying this because I care about your son, not to tell you how to be a parent or anything like that.

When the coach said "He shouldn't be throwing that", he meant it in a much more literal sense than that. The torque of a curveball is very damaging for young kids and their elbows as they develop. When I was in Little League, you were banned from practicing it until you reached the age of 16.

Does that stop them, no, but it should.

Just friendly advice from an impartial observer :-)

That DJ is such a star. What a little man.

I went to Ross for the first time in like 6 months on Friday and bought 2pr of boots. And just won another pair on eBay. I feel your shopping pain pleasure

That's My Boy! A Little "Rocket"! Like it or not. By the way, this Aunt needs pre-game reminders.

Thursdays at 5 and Saturdays at 3, at the field.

Not that there's anything wrong with posting about your cat, or dog, um.

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