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corrections, clarifications and curveballs

corrections, clarifications and curve balls

A) Indymedia is not the instigator of the bumper sticker brigade. It was just on their forum.

B) I did not mean to imply that all leftists are fucknozzles. But the ones who want to make a point about destroying the environment by defacing someone else's property with stickers that were made on computers and in factories that use the very oil that they are worried about; they are fucknozzles.

C) I got the term "fucknozzle" from Faith. I cannot take credit for it, as much as I would like to.

D) Thank you to Stacy for giving me permalinks today, and I stupidly forget to mention KD the other day, who installed my trackback and comment permalinks.

E) I decided to take this opportune time to rehash my celebrity true story of the buxom blonde dimwit with the reality show on E! who I will not name, but whose initials are ANS. It's over at blogcritics.

That is all. The fall Little League season begins today and DJ is pitching. He's been working on his slider and knuckleball all week, even though the coach won't let him throw any trick pitches. Beware, there will be pictures of cute little kids in baseball uniforms later.


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That ANS story was absolutely fabulous. I laughed! I cried! I fainted with her!

(I actually put my hand to my head and fell back in my chair. No one helped me either. Dammit.)

PS Yay for the pitching little one! My little brother started out that way, by the end of his high school year he had a signed contract with a pro team. Good luck DJ!

A freakin' slider? At his age? That good ol' Brooklyn boy Koufax had to retire at 32 due to stretched ligaments, remember? (There's a good book excerpt in last weeks Sports Ill. about Sandy, btw).

That's why they aren't allowed to throw trick pitches. I almost beat him when I saw him throwing side arm. At this rate, he'll wear his arm out before he can make a fortune for his mother!

If the term "fucknozzle" did not originate on the the FC Forum ( http://forum.fuckedcompany.com ), it certainly has a home there. Oh, and it's perfectly reasonable to imply that all leftests are fucknozzles.