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surrounded by idiots

surrounded by idiots

Why the extreme lefties are just as big fuckwads as the righties:

The daring, intrepid assclowns at indymedia are at it again. This time they are slapping this bumper sticker on cars in the San Fran area.

Ok, you punk ass fucknozzles - If you ever dare try this over on the east coast, and you have the balls to attempt to stick one of those on my car, I will beat you to within an inch of your life and I will make sure the cops in their cars and the paramedics in their ambulances know that you think they are the root cause of September 11 and then we will all sit around and watch while you writhe and moan in pain.

Who the fuck are you people kidding? Do you mean to tell me that you all walk, ride bikes or mopeds? Oh yea, you don't need transportation when you are just punk ass kids who do nothing but protest the country that gives them the freedom to spout their radical views. Like one supporter of this action said "The poor slobs obediently lining up like cows to slaughter in their SUV's each day -- to go to their veal fattening pens at work -- I do not envy!" It's called going to work, you dipshit. Simple concept: go to work, make money, support self and family. You have this utopian dream of a perfect world but guess what, you dimwit? Those clothes you're wearing, the paper that bumper sticker was made on, the shoes on your feet, the computer you use to spew this nonsense - they were all made by cows going to slaugher in their veal fattening pens each day. So who's supporting capitalism now?

Civil disobedience is fine, to an extent. Defacing someone's property and blaming them for a terrorist attack caused by fanatics who probably don't give a piss about your cause - that's just assinine. Grow up. Get a job. Get a life.

(Don't bother reading the comments on the thread unless you still need to be convinced that extremists on both sides of the political fence are mindless drones who should not be allowed to speak)


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Well Said!!

I could say a lot on US foreign policy. That can all be stated elsewhere however. Whatever I think about US policy, I think it's a moral and logical fallacy to say that it doesn't impact many other countries negatively BUT it's also a moral and logical fallacy to say that it is a DIRECT cause of September 11th. And it is certainly VERY WRONG and HORRIBLE to kill thousands of innocent people to make your point. No matter who does it.

Ironic that this bumper sticker seems bent on the very same thing. It's a much lower level of course, but the moral underpinning of the action of placing a bumper sticker on a car or an SUV and blaming them for an action which they did not commit or have not directly contributed to--WRONG! Ironic that people who scream about the establishment judging them are so anxious to judge other people as contributing to the establishment. I can say that if I came out and found that bumper sticker, I'd be doubly pissed since I actually do try to hold my government accountable for what they do. It's called "voting" and "writing to my congress person" and "participating in party conventions" and "going to town halls" and so on.

Oi. And reading those comments on the board made me go blind with rage. Talk about judging all people in one fell blow. If you drive a car, you must be automatically bent on defacing the planet. If you are an American Jew, you blindly support Israel. (I can think of several Jews I know who are actually pretty pissed off and disgusted with Israel's policies--they love Israel the way we love the United States, but they feel that the government of Israel could be much better.) I can't read much more. Ick.

As for ruining the environment, I bet none of these online freaks on the far extremes seem to care that their processors and plastics that make up their computers are often produced in LESS than perfect environmental conditions. (Or if they do, they seem to feel that the ends justify the means in their case, but not in anybody elses.) Fuckers.

heh.....fuckin morons. They get my car and they will pay. Fucknozzles. I like that.

my GAWD. a bigger collective of asswipes i have NEVER seen...

fucknozzles ... PRICELESS.

Michele, no one can do a better put-down than you. Its been a long day but you managed to make me laugh. Thank you. This is priceless.

oh. my. god. ignorant little punks!

I know people who think like that. At some point they'll have to move into the real world. With rent, insurance, utility payments looming, a car and a job in a veal fattening pen will look damn good to them.

Just for clarification's sake, it doesn't look like this sticker or the stickering was done by Indymedia itself. It looks like some individual or organization calling itself the "Bump of Truth Collective" did this, and then posted an article about it on the SF Indymedia site (that's the problem with Indymedia sites is that they're essentially glorified messageboards). Also from personal experience, knowing a lot of IMC folks down here in L.A., I doubt they would do anything that might impugn their credibility. They want to be seen as legitimate journalists by both activists and non-activists, so I think they would actually go out of their way to NOT do something like this that could make them look bad in the eyes of others.

Sadly, a lot of leftist folks I know don't seem to understand that messing with another person's property and insulting their beliefs is not a real effective way to win them over to your point of view.

Perhaps one of their goals was to get people talking and thinking about the issues they raise, and maybe they'll be successful to some extent. But if we take this forum here as an example, there's little talk of the politics and mostly talk about the action itself. The medium is the message, and via poor planning, these folks have essentially said "we are so morally superior to you that we don't care about damaging your property." Not gonna gain a lot of converts that way.

I would like to see them try and place those stickers on cars in New York!

Idiocy never fails to amaze. I do invite them to try this on any pahked cahs in the Bahston area. They won't leave with all their limbs, I know that.

did you see the doonesbury take on this? It was pretty funny.

I did G, but in the case above they are putting these stickers on all cars, not just SUVs.

All I can do is shake my head...

I am SO glad I wasn't drinking anything when I came here this morning. Fucking priceless.


in defense of indymedia.
these stickers aren't being pasted by IMC.
and not all IMC volunteers are jobless, mindless punks.

not all "leftists" are mindless fucknozzles, either. i love your guts, Michele, but that was really harsh.

peace, love, and puppy dogs,
your leftist socialist indymedia fucknozzle friend.

Maybe they could put something on their own property that says, "Explore alternative energy sources to avoid another 9/11" instead of pimping a horrible tragedy and trying to pin it on other people. Personal responsibility is a lot harder than blaming the government and the rich.

Love to see them try that in Maine. Can you say shotgun blast to the head (aka a "hunting accident")? Wonder if those fuckwits are dumb enough to try that shit on private property?

Decisions, decisions... to trade in my efficient, imported, 1-year-old Toyota Echo for 1) one of those big Fordchevy Broncoblazers, or 2) a Miata. Which would irritate the Hempen Hipsters more?

Actually, the decision is moot, because I can't afford a new car. But if I could, I think I would pick one of the big boys, because then I could back over a Concerned Activist's bicycle "by accident" and crush it to tiny metal crumbles. Oops! Of course, I'd wait until the human had dismounted. Or... would I???

Seriously, Jay Manifold at Voyage to Arcturus has come up with his own bumpersticker.

Fucknozzles Have you a copywrite on that?

I wonder how they got around to all those cars to paste the stickers on in the first place. Maybe they used an oil-consuming vehicle?

Fucknuts. If I saw someone putting that on my car, I'd grab the nearest tire iron and make them realize that they really do appreciate oil and electricity because they'd be rushed to the hospital in an oil-consuming ambulance and put in a room full of machines that run on electricity that is "made" by big generators that use oil as well.

"....to go to their veal fattening pens at work -- I do not envy..."

This was actually kind of a cool statement when I read it 12 years ago in "Generation X". Too much time spent in coffee shops maybe? Or could it be that their backpack straps are wound so tight it cuts off circulation to their tiny little brains?

Bravo Michele. Fucking asshats.