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i could have used some chianti

i could have used some chianti

I spent a good hour today watching C-Span 2. Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-W. Virginia) was orating a very slow, very repetive speech (which looks like it may have been a fillerbuster). Like the proverbial car wreck, I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen. He stammered, he stuttered, he stopped to look over notes and he forgot what he was saying plenty of times.

The speech, what I saw of it at least, covered everything from Constantinople and the Golden Horn to his wife's appendix and how he didn't eat breakfast. He talked for at least fifteen minutes about Saddam and how he should have had a senate - a free! senate - to confer with.

My eyes glazed over and I did something I hadn't done since my college philosophy lectures; I fell asleep with my eyes open.

I dreamed that I was eating Senator Byrd's appendix for breakfast, while his wife played a golden horn and Saddam applauded.

That's the last time I watch C-Span after taking NyQuil.


I've watched senators on C-SPAN delivering those long meandering speeches with no one else in the hall except for the person typing the transcript so that it can be printed in the Congressional Record and distributed at great cost.

This speech was pretty intense, though -- he was forcing the Senate to not allow Palpatine'sLieberman's amendment to a bill go through that would allow the Minister of Homeland Security to not be approved by the Senate. I was impressed with the man, and I hear he'll be doing it again either Monday or Tuesday.

Oh, I was totally impressed with not only his stamina, but the reason he was up there to begin with. It was odd in that it was compelling and deadly boring at the same time.