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you make me feel like dancing

you make me feel like dancing

For those who never read this story before, "I Was A Teenage Music Activist: How I Brought Down Leo Sayer" is now appearing at blogcritics.


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thanks, michele. all i read was the title, and i got that freakin song stuck in my head.

i love how there's a whole CD of "the best of Leo Sayer". the thing is, why waste a whole CD? they coulda fit the best of Leo Sayer on a single...

Great story!
Funny thing is, even though I graduated from high school in 1978 the only Leo Sayer fan I've ever known in my life was our small-town Oklahoma school's one adventurous rock&roll listener. He was into Leo Sayer back when he still wore white facepaint (remember the facepaint?). He was also the only kid in our school into Kraftwerk, Slade, Sparks, Suzy Quatro, Iggy Pop, and heaven only knows what other proto-punkers and precursors of this or that. He had no access to imports or real obscurities but still managed to be into bands I'm just finding out about 25 years later. So, was my friend merely inconsistent or was there something cool about early Leo Sayer? :-)

I think it was Leo Sayer last week that asked me, "would you like fries with that, sir?"