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maybe, maybe not

maybe, maybe not

Maybe my sense of foreboding is actually on to something.

First that ship off the coast of Jersey, and now this. I've been watching CNN for a bit and this seems to not be one of those "oh, we thought you were terrorists" thing.

Then again, this incident stemmed from a report from a woman who overheard three men talking in a restaurant about blowing things up. I can't imagine that any terrorist worth his WOMD would be talking out loud about these things in a public place.

Time will tell what this one pans out to be. Stay tuned.

update: Theresa found a story on the ship; it was just clay tiles. File this under "these are not the droids you're looking for."


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I don't know if you saw, but I left a link to an article on that other site that gives on update on the ship situation. Apparently, it was just clay tiles :)

The police detained the men in Florida and blew up a package containing medical equipment. They have yet to find any explosives or evidence of any wrongdoing.

But they also say the search of the vehicles is only about 25% complete, two bomb-sniffing dogs "responded" to the vehicles (police-speak for indicated there was something there of interest), and the guys in custody are being "extremely uncooperative." Time to break out the drugs...