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starring bush as jason voorhees


i was going to use jason voorhees as a metaphor for bush but it didn't work

But come on, can't you picture him in a hockey mask running after Saddam?


What did I derive from Bush's speech to the U.N. yesterday? I'll paraphrase:

Dear U.N., either you start enforcing the regulations you made years ago, or we are so out of here. Either way, we are going to kick some ass, with or without your blessing, with or without the blessings of any other country. Insepctions? I don't need your stinkin' inspections!"

For the first time ever, I applauded our president. Ok, so I did it quietly and maybe I hid in the closet while I did it so no one would see me, but I applauded.

The question that remains is not will we but when will we.

I'm not alone. I know a lot of staunch liberals and lefties and general anti-Bushies that think he is doing the right thing.

So, in my dream last night, it was October 12 and there were rockets red glare going off everywhere. Lawns were on fire and people were running and I just saw this huge calendar page that said October 12. So if that's the date the bombs over Iraq go off, you can burn me at the stake.

Speaking of supernatural things, it's Friday the 13th. I don't believe in superstitions. I've never had particularly bad luck on any Friday the 13th. That is to say, I've never had a guy in a hockey mask chase me through the woods on that day. However, I did wake up with this sense of foreboding today. Just a general angst that seems to be hanging in the air.

Maybe it's that ship docked off of the coast of New Jersey that no one seems to be saying too much about. Maybe it's just residual bad feelings hangin around from Wednesday. Maybe it's this flu I have.

Maybe it's that guy in the hockey mask standing outside my window.


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I know what you mean, however even though Saddam is an insane nutcase who is really going to be hurt by any US action in Iraq? I have the nasty feeling that it is way more likely to be the average person on the street who has had their lives made pretty miserable by US economic sanctions over the past 10 years. Wouldn't it be a better idea to help the Iraqi people rise up and overthrow Saddam themselves like the Serbians did to Slobodan Milosevic?

The Iraqi people tried to overthrow Saddam after Gulf War I, and Poppy Bush left them hanging. Now? The Kurds want no part of us and reportedly given sanctuary to some Al Qaida members in return for help.

I don't deny Saddam needs to go; what I worry about is this: Let's say we drop on Baghdad in our opening moves. We secure the city, Hussein gets killed. A few Scuds get launched, maybe some artillery shells. Israel, Kuwait and maybe Saudi Arabia get introduced to the joys of VX or Sarin, since he knows he's going down anyway.

So we win, right? Then what? Iran makes a move on the southern Sunni part of Iraq, since it's also Sunni, and as a side-effect, gets the oil (which is in the south). In the north, the Kurds want no part of it and declare a Kurdish nation, which naturally pisses off Turkey, re-igniting the Kurd wars.

Meanwhile, we're left holding the middle, around Baghdad. What then? Are we prepared to stay for 20 or 30 years? Or do we slip out, saying it's now the UN's responsibility, that we did the hard part?

This is the scary stuff, folks. Because then, the Shrub will be emboldened, and may move on either Iran or N. Korea, and frankly, they're much nastier than the tin-plated dictator of Iraq.

Sorry, Michele, I didn't mean to take over your comments section. :)

The ship off of Jersey worries me, too.

i was wondering that too, but haven't various parties been trying to help them do that for years and years? i mean, even in a country with america's freedoms, it's hard to get bush out of office, or even to get much of a protest going. imagine how hard it is in a totalitarian regime like iraq. there is no doubt saddam has to go, both for the sake of his own people and for everyone else's sake too. he's always managed to play the oil card, and to play the USSR, or Russia, or whoever, off against Europe, against the USA. but i do fear that if the US marches in there alone and either kicks ass or gets bogged down, either way it won't make us any friends internationally. call me naive, but i don't understand why they don't simply set a deadline for UN inspections, beyond which an international force, or even a US force with UN blessings, finally does something.

Saddam has never complied with U.N. inspections or regulations before -I don't think a deadline is going to make any difference to him. He lives in his own private world, where only his rules apply.

can't be coherent. too early. jason voorhees = bush ... hmmm. that'll keep me awake.

sometimes i wonder just how useful the UN really is ... and Bush surprised me, too, just a wee bit. not enough to convert, tho.

The UN is useful for occupying a goodly number of self-important gas bags and more or less keeping them out of trouble. I don't remember who suggested it but dozing the UN and building a parking garage is the best idea I've heard in months.

Miguel, et al, the inspections in Iraq were a farce. They knew months in advance the inspection dates, carefully mapped out the routes the inspectors were to take, built brand new buildings to disguise what they didn't want seen, and grilled the people who were to interact with them endlessly on every possible question they might be asked. Inspections are useless.

Notice how slowly but surely country after country is coming around and saying, "Hrm, well yes, I suppose we do support you in this matter." The right things are being said (hey Faud, how about we cut off every bit of foreign aid and start drilling Alaska...that'd put quite a crimp in your cash flow for next year's vacation in Marbella, eh?), troops and materiel are being maneuvered, the time is nearing. I agree with Clinton on the Letterman show though...the real challenge will be to get the WMDs Hussein does have and keep him from giving them away wholesale to our Top Ten list of Crazy People.

I welcome the day that all UN-resolutions will be as eagerly supported and enforced by the wold's policeman, the US. Including those on the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

BTW: read this: http://www.commondreams.org/views02/0802-01.htm

Policemen? Nah. I think of us more as the world's babysitter...

We don't know Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. We do know that Israel does. But, that is irrelevant, if I understand correctly.

We are becoming a nation of aggressors with destructive capabilities...who are not afraid to remove a leader we do not agree with, and who may interfere with our selected leader and his plans for the region. I am totally against a war (and I use that term VERY lightly) against Iraq. King George the First tried to get re-elected by relying on positive public reaction to a war, deflecting the misdeeds and misguided politics at home, and now King George II is attempting to do the same...initiate a war and support for it by correlating terrorism and potential nuclear threats...and I find it disgusting that our slected leader would take it upon himself on a day to pause and honor those who fell on 9/11/01 to mention war and attacking Iraq and attempting to draw public support, rather than speaking of lives lost, GW spoke of lives to perish in the future and lands to conquer and divide, remember, we are the only nation who has used such weaponry and the only nation who appears righteous enough to dictate the proliferation of any warfare and weapons of mass destruction, and that is simply not right, the rest of the world, or at least a majority of it believes so as well...

watch out for that hockey mask guy... i think he likes to attack women after they get out of the shower, after they've flashed their boobs to everybody.

always after.

So where was he while I was flashing my boobies around this morning?

no offense Michele, but I have a memory of you once asking to be seriously bitchslapped should you even come close to expressing support for President Bush. I kept my hands to myself the other post, but consider this a big one-two.

Take up smoking again, go back to your Dead Kennedies records, hold Justin tight and tap your feet three times, there's no place like home, there's no Dad like homer, and the Bush years are just a bad bad acid flashback.

The war on terror/war on Iraq scares me because: there is no end in sight. I don't even necessarily disagree that Iraq should be...taken to task in some way for flouting the UN all these years. I just think we should be very, very careful how we do it, else we are turning into the very thing we say we are fighting. And that firmly boots us off the moral high ground we've been claiming since last year.

I would like to know as I can find the films of Friday 13 to unload in my PC