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a child's thoughts

a child's thoughts

One thing I did want to do today (as I am home, sick as I've ever been), is post a couple of things DJ wrote last night, in his effort to relay his feelings about September 11. I scanned them in as images so you can see the "poems" in his own writing. I know, he needs serious spelling help.

1: Hero

2: Anniversary

3: Love


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sniff .....

He and I both need an internal spell checker (lol)...I for some reason cannot type the word "the" without having it come out as "teh"...maybe I should consider switching the two letters on my keyboard, maybe that will solve my issue...

Children have a way of looking at the heart of any situation and seeing it with the unaffected eyes of innocence. These poems, more than any blogging essay I've seen in the past few days, mean more to me and have had a greater impact. They speak the truth without any preconceived notions, without any prejudices. They're incredibly touching... thanks for sharing them.

I want to comment, but words escape me.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. DJ looks to me like a very special and sensitive person...just like his mom.

How very sweet.

I'll ignore the religious imagery (just this once) and say that what DJ wrote beats hands down any of the shit the media excreted over the last week. You take good care of him, and yrself.

Speaking of you, there's an email coming soon.

thanks for sharing those.

I can see the mother in the child. Thanks for scanning them, it was touching seeing them written in his hand. (spelling is inconsequential in a situation like this)

and a big ol' lump in my throat.

Thank you for sharing those. And I hope you're feeling better soon -- sounds like we've been wiped out with the same bug.