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thank you

thank you

I watched a lot of tv. I went through an entire range of emotions yesterday, from angry and frustrated to a deep, complete sadness that would have overwhelmed me if I didn't get out of the house for a while.

Nothing, however, - no tv coverage, no tribute, no impassioned speech - affected me more than the words that you all left here. In an odd way, reading all the stories was comforting. I don't think I can really explain why. But it was also very draining, to spend two days reading through over one hundred stories; stories of first hand accounts, of lost loved ones, of despair and anguish and uncertainty.

I don't know how to rightfully thank each of you for sharing your thoughts, each person who stopped here to read, each person who emailed me with private notes of thanks. Please do not thank me; it is I who should thank you for allowing me - and anyone who stopped here yesterday - to glimpse into some very personal moments in your life. Every word has helped me to cope with the distraught I felt yesterday, watching everything all over again as if it were new. I shared my day with every one of you and I thank you for allowing me to do so.

I am completely drained today. I have nothing left for the moment, no words, no thoughts that haven't been said already.

Except for adding new entries to the project as they come in (and you can get to the project from the link in the post below or on the sidebar), I am going to step away from this space today. I am going to inhale the fall-like air, throw myself into my work, have lunch with some friends and enjoy the first night of the fall Little League season.

Thank you.

(Now go read this.)


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