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sell the rights

sell the rights

Heard on the radio on my way in today:

Businessman Ed Fine, whose picture was seen in hundreds of newspapers (as he ran from the fallling towers in a dust-covered business suit) has been charging $500 for interviews with various media outlets.

It didn't strike me as crass opportunism until it was mentioned what Fine is charging for a two hour interview - $911.

And thus, I'm reminded of the words of Mr. Bungle:

Before you advertise
All the fame is implied
With no fortune unseen
Sell the rights
To your blight
...and you'll eat


talk about creating bad karma for yourself. Maybe I am superstitious, but had I been that close to the situation, I would have a hard time labeling anything I did with the 9-11 label. It is like he is thumbing his nose at fate. Whatever happened to being thankful you are alive?

Who is Price, please?

Price is mental typo on my part.

Some people react to disaster in really bizarre ways... but that is one of the strangest that I have heard.

Do you think that just maybe Mr. Fines doesn't want to do any more interviews. This is his way turning people away.

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