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Peter J. Ganci, Jr. One of my father's best friends. The words by Teddy Roosevelt were printed on the thank you cards from the family.

I stared at those word last night -words that were printed inside the thank you cards from Pete Ganci's family - and it struck me. If your freedom is threatened, you must fight for it. If the future of your children is threatened, you must fight for it. If you want freedom, you must take a stance for it.

Plenty of people have been saying this, and I echo it: Whether you are for or against a war, a bombing, what have you, you need to back the people who are out there fighting. I am not a warmonger by any means. But I was old enough when the Vietnam War ended to remember the pain and humiliation the veterans of that war suffered when they came home.

I am just accepting the inevitable and I fervently hope that the results are what our administration wants them to be. And I am hoping that the American people - especially those who think it is a mistake to go to war - will still embrace those who are fighting for us.

I think of what Pete Ganci did on September 11, 2001. I often wonder what the his last thoughts, and the thoughts of all of the victims were. I wonder how many of them would say now, if they could "don't let this happen again".


amen, sister. nicely stated.

i'm sure they all would say it. but they can't, so we must.

I'm 49, already spent 6 years in the navy on submarines and if called upon I will do it again. I think that if our government cannot direct our resources in such a way that the threat is eliminated then we will just have to replace it with a government that will. Keep the faith, stay strong, stay united and never forget.

Your note held a special meaning for me as I think of my son, also in the navy and deployed on an aircraft carrier, in these troubling times. We have spoken and he knows full well what he is fighting for. Your wish that we never waver in our support of the fighting men and women of this country is echoed in my heart.

i think of pete ganci as a cousin i did not know as my fahter moved out of ny when he joined the army and settled in ky
it saddens me no less
i think of his family and how proud they must be of him and how much i know they miss him
i will keep them in my prayers and in my thoughts
as long as i live

i love you