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the changed skyline

the changed skyline

Lisa: 'This photo was taken July 20, 2001 from a gambling cruise out of Freeport, NY. The cruise was awful, but so worth it because we got this shot. Rob and I argue about who actually took the picture. He saw this scene and hurried me to take the picture before the sun went down. He noticed it, but I snapped the picture!'
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My sister Lisa snapped this picture on July 21, 2001 while on a gambling cruise out of Freeport, New York.

It's almost hard to believe that if you were to take a photograph from the same spot now, those two towers would be missing from it.


What a beautiful photo.

It still blows my mind, how the skyline's changed. I went to the Statue of Liberty in July and as we were ferried over, several tourists turned around and said "Where exactly were the towers standing?" It's eerie.

There's a photo in the new Time that gives the impression of two towers still standing there. It's really an illusion; two windows reflected in an eerie ghost shadow.

We're being given five minutes of silence of work on Wednesday. Five minutes doesn't seem like enough.

what a beautiful picture. thanks so much for sharing that with us. it still blows my mind that they are gone. my youngest, sebastian, has this saying when we are dropping him off at school or something, " see you in new york".
one of the things he wanted to do was go to new york and see all the tall buildings. we have never been there. after this happened, he cried so hard for all the right reasons, the people lost, the lives destroyed, but one of the things he said and still says is that now he will never see the towers. he said he will never know how amazing they were. he wanted to stand on the sidewalk and stare up at them. the skyline has changed for everyone including people who have never seen it. :(

That photo is beautiful.

We were in NY last weekend and have several photos now of the changed skyline... it's just... it's just not RIGHT, I guess.

I've just scanned a load of photos from a trip I made in 1989 (if that's not procrastination, I don't know what is) and it came as quite a shock to see them. I remember walking alongside them and wanting to take a photo there, but they were just so big I couldn't frame them. And now it's all just gone. Unbelievable.

Never having been to New York, I never could understand how big they were until September 11th happened. It seems amazing to me that you could really see them from an entriely different state. I've been watching a lot of reruns of Friends and every time they show the towers it makes me want to cry. I will never see anything that amazing. I can only imagine the ache that someone who say that every day for the past thirty years must feel when they look at the skyline.