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peeing your pants is cool

I've been busy today: I posted at Blogcritics, HFSD and Banned Books.

peeing your pants is cool

Conversation overheard at OfficeMax yesterday between two young women:

Woman 1: Remember when we were little, and we used to pee behind your pool?
Woman 2: Yea, we peed right in our bathing suits!
Woman 1: And the pee would drip down our legs.
Woman 2: And then we would jump right back in the pool. How gross!
Woman 1: Yea, but the spots on your legs that had pee on them would feel all warm when you hit the cold water.
Woman 2: And then your brother caught us that day and told us that chlorine and pee mixed together would make your legs grow hair on them.
Woman 1: Dick.
(pause in the conversation)
Woman 1: Don't you wish you could just pee in your pants any time you wanted?
Woman 2: That's what Depends are for.


Uhm... Eeeeeewwwwwwwwww!

And how you made it through the store without laughing your ass off is beyond me :)

She should be careful what she wishes for and remember she said that when she's 80 and doing it every day.

Sure, but what do they think about crapping in their pants?

I'm wearing depends right now! ;)

hahahaha! i love it when people talk about that stuff like no one can hear them. =)

I think that is a great story. Obviously I was the only onetoo lazy to get out the pool to be when I was a child. Look they told me there were powerful chemicals in the water so I figured it was taken care of.

liquid flows right through Aeron chairs, and they clean up just great with a damp sponge. I'm seeing a new revolution of businesspeople with buckets mounted on the swivel-post of their expensive desk chairs just letting loose while on the phone, in the middle of meetings...

"Bob, you coming to lunch?"
"Yeah, heheheh, just gimme a sec here."

Were we supposed to stop doing that by a certain age? Where was I when that memo came out...

You know there's a whole group of people who would get completely turned on by this post, don't you? :-)

This summer we were at a friend of the family's pool. He told all the kids if they peed in the pool, their legs would turn green. He kept teasing them all day asking why their legs were green! We also got a kick out of all the little ones getting out of the pool, looking down at their legs in relief!

Ok, that's it. About half of you can't get in our hot tub now... ;-)

hee hee. LOL

When we all go to a friends house there is no bathroom near there pool and we just go behind the pool house and let loose. Boys it isnt a problem and girls just pee right through there suits. It makes no difference to get back in the pool. Sometimes we hold contests

Uh... Its fun to pee your pants. Doesn't everyone agree? Hello?