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false idols

false idols

On tonight's Crossfire: Would it be appropriate to have the winner of American Idol sing at a September 11 ceremony?

Hmm. Would it be wrong to use a somber anniversary ceremony to plug the winner of a Fox TV show pop singer search?

Honestly, I think it would be wrong to have either of the two sing at the opening of a Wal-Mart, but that's just me.

Who thinks of these things? What kind of person is sitting in his/her office right now saying Hmmm..I wonder how I can turn a memorial service into a photo op or media event where I can whore myself/my client? Ok, besides campaigning politicians. And agents. And has-been actors and actresses who have this need to get their names in the paper at any cost.

I have a great idea. How about we all just shut up that day? How about nobody sings, nobody recites, nobody reads aloud, nobody speaks or tap dances or whatever it is the great media event people are planning. Why don't we all just shut our traps and stop bickering and fighting and trivializing and making circuses out of sadness? Silence is more respectful than some wild-haired guy in way too much make up belting out some corny lyrics.

Oh, and the comments are still running down here. Some people just continue to both amaze and amuse me with their idiocy. Rob responds nicely here.

Had enough of my September 11 talk? Too fucking bad. Hit the back button, turn off your computer, find someone else to piss on. I'm not going anywhere so you may as well.

I've got nicotine withdrawal and out of control hormones. Do not piss me off today.


when i quit smoking, i got my tongue pierced. it helped. something else to mess with in your mouth. maybe? don't hurt me.

Hows about I run naked through Ground Zero wearing only a cheesehead?? What the hell are people thinking??

I like your idea, Michele. Let's all just spend the day in quiet reflection. Personally, I plan on posting one small item on my thoughts and leaving it at that. Why do we need to do something grandiose to commemorate 9.11?

Shh...let Jack sneak quietly out of the room....

being an avid television viewer it will be hard to have a somber anniversary when you know the stations and news channels will be all over it. i guess i could just turn the tv off for the day ... no no, wait, I didn't say that.


As far as I know, I'll be at work that day. I'm pretty sure I'll be bringing the laptop in and watching DVDs and alternately reading something good.

And not talking to anyone.

I'm with Kris. Amen.

I'm having a personal media blackout. If I have to watch/listen to any of it, I'll just end up screaming at the stupidity of it all.

I swear now there will be no TV, no b.s., no memorial ceremonies, no nothing for me next Wednesday.

But I'm going to break that promise. Because I'm weak. And I'm amazed by things that are so alien to me. I can't stop watching.

Or maybe I finally will.

Oh god, that American Idol kid looks like Carrottop's evil nephew or something. I saw a picture in the paper today. He had this big clown smile on. They want to use a clown in the September 11th memorial ceremonies! Must... control... fist... of death...

You know what made me feel worse about the whole situation? The fact that my SCHOOL, my PUBLIC NON-RELIGIOUSLY-AFFILIATED SCHOOL is having a PRAYER NIGHT "in remembrance" of September 11th, led by our very own convert-Jew (which I didn't know existed) principal. What the hell happened to separation of church and state?

I think I will go silent that day. I don't think some ghastly smorgasbord of media wolves is respectful or honorable to those who are the ones deserving the respect and honor. And memory.

We all officially went to hell the day Hallmark decided it was yet another card holiday with props...

Any singing that's outside the boundaries of something spiritual being sung to remember those who are lost is so wrong in my book - and it should be done by someone who sings in a church, by some great black woman no-one has ever heard of, or not at all in my opinion.

I will personally take some silent time to remember how horrible that day was, and to be thankful for what I have. I won't be watching any tacky gala performances by anybody.

If Hallmark print a "happy 9/11" card, they are indeed going to rot in hell for it.

Couldn't agree more with the "maybe we should all just be quiet" idea.
Do we really need all the somber teleprompter-readers and Bruce Springsteen to remind us of something that we'll never forget anyways?
Didn't think so.

I'm not planning on watching any of the "memorial" stuff. I don't need it to remember and I don't want it to cloud whatever I am thinking or feeling.

Maybe I'll just watch all of the Sopranos DVDs again. Anyone want to have a DVD marathon with me?

Count me in Robert.

Great idea. I'll watch Lord of the Rings a couple of times, maybe Blade 2. Get out of this world and into another.