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obligatory first day of school pictures

obligatory first day of school pictures

Mostly for my sisters:

dj4th1.jpg nat7th2.jpg

Note the outifit DJ is wearing. After our spending a disgusting amount of money on new school clothes, DJ opted for an outfit that he wore all summer. It even has Yankee Stadium mustard stains on it.


Thanks! Who is that teenage girl in the picutre!?! And did you expect anything less from D.J.?

Be thankful they weren't stains from the local cathedral, eh.

Sebastian did the same thing. He chose a pair of shorts that he worn religiously all summer because they look "cool" and a t-shirt that did not match the cool shorts. I chose not to argue with him. But your kids look great and they look happy. We'll see how they feel when they get home huh?...lol

DJ looks like a young Mickey Mantle, even down to the haircut (and you can tell him I said so).

They are so friggin cute! I love Dj's clothing choice and Natalie looks so... so... grown up. sniff sniff. I remember when she was born, all pink and screaming, sniff sniff, and My Boy. A sleeping little angel. My little poopy-heads. All. Growns. Up. sniff sniff

Ah, they do grow up quickly, don't they??? Sniffle...

ahhh I remember those pre-back to school trips to the malls...my mother used to dred each and every one, me, I looked forward to them with great anticipation...I still carry out the tradition to this day, even though school has long since passed...I take myself out and spend a king's ranson on new threads, and pretend that the yellow bus is picking me up in the morn to take me to the office pit!

Those aren't your kids... or... maybe they are... if only we had one of you to compare it to...