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to do list

to do list: things to ignore, places to set on fire, people to seduce

Today is the last day of my two week vacation. I had so many things planned for this time off, but things like a wedding and school shopping got in the way. So now I have to cram two weeks worth of chores into one day.

    Today's To-Do List:

  • Lobby Congress to make it illegal for Ben Affleck to make any more movies.
  • Beat Justin at Street Fighter.
  • Watch all the DVDs we bought in the past two weeks.
  • Two words: World domination.
  • Seduce Kylie Minogue (the things I do for my husband....)
  • Buy a Game Cube.
  • Buy an X-Box.
  • Regret buying a Game Cube and X-Box.
  • Read every book sitting on my nightstand.
  • Go to Target or Price Club and start a fight with someone.
  • Sleep for ten hours straight.
  • Go to Canada for some Poutine.
  • Make my weekly football picks for the pool.
  • Make my yearly prediction that the Jets will finish 8-8.
  • Find my cheesehead.
  • Figure out what that brown mass of gel in the fridge is.
  • Teach hamsters how to Moonwalk.
  • Start making deadly booby traps for Halloween pranksters who try to smash my pumpkins.
  • Defy logic.
  • Misunderstand someone.
  • Do two hours of Pilates, half hour of abslide and then eat a cheesburger with bacon and drink a milkshake.
  • Bite off the head of a Best Buy customer service rep.
  • Catch up on my cartoons.

I did some other things that were on the list but those are none of your business. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go track down Kylie, or at least her waxy look alike.


Strangely, this looks just like mine, except for the hamsters.

Your poutine is waiting; I presume you will be eating with the silver spork today?

"Today's To-Do List"

This sounds like the premise for a killer sitcom.

If you do get your own sitcom, I promise to buy a TV. Keep me in the loop on developments.

I think if more women were willing to Seduce Kylie Minogue for their husbands, then the divorce rate in this country would be much less.

Make sure you drop by my place on your next trip to Canada.

For streetfighter if you want to be cheesy, you can always either pick Guile,Ryu,Ken and then do Sonic Boom/Haduken followed up by a JackKnife/Dragon UpperCut

Seduce Kylie Minogue (the things I do for my husband....)

You too? Except for the husband part, of course. (o:

Hey, if you're already making your to-do list for this weekend, then you should add in 'go see Bryan's rock n roll band, Man In Gray, at Finally Fred's in the West Village' to the Saturday agenda. I'll be awaiting your arrival at the wonderfully narrow basement venue. And um... http://maningray.com for info.