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obligatory wedding pictures

obligatory wedding pictures


They aren't in any real order:

1. Cutting the cake, with mom and dad and kids
2. Dancing with DJ to Linkin Park
3. My sister Jo-Anne and her husband Lew, who put the whole wedding together
4. Justin dancing with my mom
5. Kissyface
6. Another kissyface
7. My sister Lisa and her fiance Rob, who will be getting married next June
8. Natalie with PJ, my friend Bonnie's son
9. Signing the marraige certificate
10. Aerial view of the vows
11. The beautiful decor my sisters created
12. Again with the cake cutting

There's more, but you get the picture.


yay, woman. so wish i'd been there. and that natalie is looking lovely.

great pictures! thanks for sharing them. =)

Great pictures. It looks like it was a fantastic day/wedding/birthday.

nobody swam???

Natalie looks just like someone, it's there somewhere, it's going to drive me nucking futs. So pretty she is. You wore black afterwards? You're my hero ... well, you would be, had you worn red.

You looked absolutely mahvelous, dahling! Great pics -- thanks for sharing! You were both smiling from ear to ear...and I don't think all of it was the tequila... ;-) Congrats again!

What beautiful pics. :)

Yeah! More pictures! :) Thank you for sharing them. It's like a morsel of the special day all over again - what a treat!

i find it hard to say this (well, anything) without sounding sarcastic, but really, i'm being sincere here... lovely pictures! Again, congratulations to you both!

Oh my god you look sooooo young!!!
Id say early thirties...no more.Theres no way youre 40...no way!!!
And if you truly are ,i wanna know the secret of looking like that!
Great pics :)

You and Justin look so cute together!!!

jst checking, did you get my wedding gift?


woohoo, look at the new snazzy married couple. Just lovely. Has anyone ever told him that he kind of resembles Christian Slater?

sigh You guys are so lucky. ;o)

awwwwwww! looks like, and sounds like, it was a truly blessed day!


Lovely! Looks like a fun wedding.

Great pictures, Michele! Looks like a fun day.

Congrats again. :O)
Glad it all went so well! Well, except for the whole DJ thing..hah!

Congrats again. :O)
Glad it all went so well! Well, except for the whole DJ thing..hah!

uhm. oops.

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Looks like it was a great time (like we expected anything less)

It looks like it was a fabulous day.

Thanks for sharing those pictures - they're all wonderful.

I miss reading you for one day, one day and you go and post a bunch of really great pictures. You're lucky I trawl backwards whenever I miss a day's-worth of posts.

Why don't we see you more often, you look great.