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how many enemies can dance on the head of a blogger?

how many enemies can dance on the head of a blogger? (updated)

There used to be a post here.

I'm not in the habit of self-editing, but it occurred to me at some point that I forgot to take my Paxil today and I was in passive aggressive self pity mode. I hate that part of me.

So I self edited, which I reserve the right to do, seeing that it's my toys, my rules, etc.

I left the comments up just to remind me of a few things.

As you were.


There's a quote, I forget who said it... paraphrased, it's something like this: I love America more than any other country in the world. That's why I reserve the right to criticize her constantly.

Or something like that. The basic gist being that part of loving your country is not being blind to its faults.

Around here, witch is a compliment. :)

OK. Pretend for one moment that I'm Al Sharpton. Now, instead of leading the chant of "No justice, no peace," substitute "Your blog, your rules!"

Got that?

Good. :)

Feel free to stop thinking of me as Al Sharpton, now... :D

Perhaps detractors could start an opposition blog called "A Big Loss", and pick apart your writing, sentence-by-sentence, for all the world to see how foolish you really are. Oh wait, I guess that would require time, effort and reasoning skills. Much better to fire off an angry e-mail attempting to silence any discussion of controversial topics, rather than develop an intelligent response to something one disagrees with. Much better for us all (except the poor blog host, that is).

You have a bigger readership than a lot of blogs, so you're going to get more heat, but stick to your guns.

kiss my ass is my favorite phrase.

I like to use it with an "or" in front of it.

like "you can choose to believe your nonsense or you can kiss my ass"

I just feel such a wonderful sense of joy when I rock that statement....kiss my ass. Please, just kiss my ass.

You don't have to kiss my ass, Michele. Unless you want to? I don't know...maybe its sexual.

Do I want my ass kissed? Is it a perversion?

I don't care.

You can care or you can kiss my ass. Doesn't much matter to me which you choose, really.

You know what's nice? Being able to live in a country where you're free to voice your opinions. Living in a country where you can say what you want, when you want, without fear of being imprisoned or being put to death.

I love America, and if that makes me a "selfish American", well then so be it. I personally enjoy reading your blog. Blogging is a personal thing where you express your feelings, and how can someone criticize you for expressing YOUR feelings on YOUR blog? Who's going to know your feelings and thoughts better than you? Hang in there.

Like Stacy said, if they don't like it, they can use the Back button. The rest of us will continue to be loyal readers, because you write very well. Clear, concise, and full of empathy.

(You might also want to provide some chapstick. With all that ass-kissing, someone might sue you when their lips get chapped. Now that could get nasty.)

(btw, since this is my first comment since the nuptials, let me say Congratulations. Your "schmaltz" post moved me to tears... and I frickin' hate crying. ;) )

Don't sweat it. You were blind-sided. Who'd have thought the love-it-or-leave-it crowd could read?

What evil times are these, when passing ruffians can say 'Nee' at will to old women. There is a pestilence in this land. Even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress.

my my my

It's hard to know what to do with the eejits who come to a stranger's site and trash the author -- do you ignore them (which is frustrating); do you take the time to respond, carefully and concisely as you've done, only to get more crap (it enrages me, I can only guess what it does to YOUR blood pressure)... If I were on the receiving end, of these people who are hijacking your comments section and filling your mailbox with vitriol, I would consider eliminating the comments section entirely until the shitheads go away.

That said, I greatly enjoy your blog. I don't always agree with you, but I would climb on top of a roof with a rifle to defend your right to rant.

I started reading about a year ago, because I was trying to make sense out of September 11. I haven't succeeded in that quest, but I feel closer and more connected because you are brave enough to share your opinions.

As you're a Neil Gaiman fan (did you hear he won a Hugo?), you might also like the blog of novelist Jonathan Carroll

I've got nothing to do with him, his publisher, etc., and it's not one of my daily reads, but he posts lots of interesting, thought provoking tidbits.

Keep doing what you're doing. And thanks, too, for the Banned Books Project.


Personally, I prefer "bite my ass" but hey, to each his or her own.

Face it, some people are just assholes looking to pick a fight anywhere they can. Sort of like that fat bitch at Target. Unfortunately, the Net gives them an easy - anonymous - outlet for their pent-up agression. I'd tell you not to take it personally but that's probably impossible because it feels personal.

Last time I check the freedom to express your opinion was still your right no matter who likes it. Hell, we even let the President do it. (And most of the time you can't even see Dick Cheney's hand up his ass or George Senior's lips moving.) It's your blog, your rules, your opinion so keep right on doing things your way.

And anyone who doesn't like it can come kiss this fat bitch's ass.

On a lighter note, congrats on the not smoking & can't wait to see the wedding pictures.

Can I still kiss your ass? I didn't say anything to you, good or bad, but frankly the offer of some cheek nibbling is pretty damned good. So, anyway, let me know.

"Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"

I wuv you, even if no one else does (and there's more does than doesn't).

Here! Use THIS when you want to lash out. Then you can tell everyone:

Go lí na gráinneoga cealgrúnacha do chuid calóga arbhair.

All the hate-mailers apparently fall into the group of 49% of Americans who think the First Amendment goes too far. Are these folks all pining for life in the Soviet bloc before 1989?

When people flame me by email I just set up a script to send them 100k emails every minute so their mailboxes fill up.

Being petty is fun.

How evil! How vile! How genius!!

Don't sweat it, Michele. That's why I read A Small Victory and not that Little Green Football thing that you linked to. I rather enjoy a good argument, and I carry a high regard for people who have the courage to stand up for what they believe in. These hateful trolls that post anonymous insults and blind-side attacks are nothing more than small minded neo-fascist thugs who are frightened to death of having to defend their dark little arguments in the brightly lit arena of open debate. Keep fighting the good fight.

Don't sweat it, Michele. That's why I read A Small Victory instead of that Little Green Football thing you linked to. The hateful trolls who hide behind anonymous posts and blind-side attacks are nothing more than neo-fascist nitwits, scared children who are terrified at the thought of exposing their dark arguments in the brightly lit arena of public debate. Keep fighting the good fight, Michele. Nobody does it better than you.

Hey Ron,

what's frightening to me is the sheer number of them that are willing to spew on the internet.

I like to know my enemies but damn...

can't somebody buy me a cup of coffee first before they reveal their lunacy in mass delight?

Michele: huh? Did I miss something? The idiotarian post is a joke, that's all, (pointed, yes, but not mean!) and I'm kind of surprised you took it personally. It's also not by me, and not intended to be right or left wing.

Just thought of something. "Dictionary?" You're not (gasp!) Laertes, are you?

By the way, that post has generated quite a lively and interesting debate, one that is not dominated by hate speech or racism (as some would have you believe).

Damn. Missed it. But here's a handy link if you don't feel like dealing with people who can't be bothered to stand up behind their own opinions (hope this works, what with the HTML in comments and all):



Annette, that is some quality linkage there. I wonder if I could send out a mass mailer... ;)

Damn. And I always love it when you rip someone a new one before my very eyes. (You are the master and I hope to be as good some day...)