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books are crack

books are crack

"You wouldn't put heroin if front of your children and say its okay to try it.."

A person equates childhood classics to heroin.

Also, two personal notes:

Lisa, please deposit my checks today, thank you.
Rachael, please contact me. I can't find your email address.


Ahh, of course. That must explain why I'm so addicted to them.

Man, you got my Twain, man? Come on, man...don't be holdin' out on me...I'll take Dostoevsky, Salinger, Hemingway, man, whatever you got. Mmmmm, that's good...yeah, a little Harry Potter, that's the sh*t...

Now I will admit to having used bible pages as rollies when I used to go for the wacky tobaccy, but shit, have you ever tried shooting up ink? You just end up with juvenile tattoos in strange places.

Imagine that woman, books are bad,mmmmmkay.

Quick, hide your nietzsche, it's the ubernarc.

ARGH! Witch of Blackbird Pond?????? That's terribly terribly ironic.

I can see why they put it on their list though--I mean, it's about learning to deal with intolerance and bigotry and being different than everyone else. Nevermind the fact that the supposed Witches are a Quaker woman, persecuted for being of a different religion than the rest of the puritanical settlers, and a girl born and raised in Barbados who isn't used to the societal mores of the New World colonies in Connecticut. It doesn't even promote witchcraft so much as show an unfortunate spot in North American and European history. People are SO dumb. Put the word "witch" or "sorceror" into the title and they assume it's about magic of some kind.