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september 11: part 3

September 11 revisted: part 3 in a series

My father received this cross as a gift from another fireman. It was handmade by that person, carved from the steel that remained of the World Trade Center.

cross1th.jpg cross10th.jpg cross4th.jpg cross8th.jpg cross9th.jpg

I hate touching it, yet I can't help but to touch it.

As I wrote on April 3: I ran my fingers across the discolored metal. It was rough and heavy and parts of it flaked beneath my fingers. My mind could not reconcile that piece of worn steel with the towers that used to be part of the New York skyline.


i went to ground zero on november 11th. two months after the attacks. the beams that they were removing were still so hot that they had to hose them down on the trucks before they could drive them away. in my head your father's cross must still be scalding.

Did you father happen to get the name of that fireman? My teacher lost her only daughter in that attack and she too got a cross, but couldn't find the fireman laiter. I think she'sd appreciate his name if you still checks posts this far back.