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glitter: a review via webster's

Glitter: A review via Webster's

awful (fl)
Extremely bad or unpleasant; terrible

Yet, as with Showgirls, I sat through the whole thing.


I spotted that that was on HBO earlier. I shivered and I quickly scrolled down the list of show options. You are a much braver woman then I am.

Showgirls really does get better over time though, doesn't it?

Jason, no it doesn't. By a series of bizarre television accidents I've seen it three times and it get worse every time.

Yet you have watched it each time, Nicklas. As have we all.

Showgirls is so bad it's funny. Glitter doesn't have the T&A factor that Showgirls did, so I suspect it's even worse.

Glitter followed by Showgirls?

For the love of...WHY? WHY??!?

Why put yourself through that punishment?

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