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special guest

special guest

davidpjs.jpg Hi! My name is David. Tonight, Aunt Michele and Uncle Justin are babysitting for me. My daddy reads this weblog every night and I want him to see what I do when he is not around.

First, we had ice cream for dinner. And oreos! And gummy bears! It was the BEST dinner I EVER had!

Then we went outside and Aunt Michele let me touch the grass and dirt and stuff! It was so cool! Daddy never lets me get dirty. You should have seen me, daddy. I was a MESS! Not only that, I had no shoes or jacket on!!

Oh, and Uncle Justin let me touch the hamsters. They did not bite me and give me a nasty disease like you said they would, daddy. See, I'm still ok!

Then they wanted to watch tv. But we didn't watch Shrek because they said that once I can act out the whole movie it's time to move on. They were going to make me watch Glitter but as soon as I saw Mariah Carey I started screaming so they put on Follow That Bird. That Big Bird sure reminds me a lot of you, daddy. Oh, wait. I mean Oscar. That's who you remind me of!

You know I love you, daddy and I'm just kidding around. Besides, Aunt Michele and Uncle Justin are making me type this. They have me tied up and they threatened to decapitate Bob The Builder if I didn't do what they said.

Ok, me and Uncle Justin are gonna have a farting contest now. And then we're gonna burp a lot. And I'm gonnna poop my pants soon, but I don't think Uncle Justin will do that, too.

And then we're gonna jump on the bed and watch anime cartoons with pretty ladies wearing really short skirts.

I'm kidding, daddy, I'm kidding! But I am going to play Streetfighter.



Decapitate Bob the Builder? Aren't relations with the Brits dicey enough?

Go get 'em, David; always take advantage of your sitters!

hmmm... do you happen to have a sibling that bought your children a drum set when they were small? is it, perchance, PAYBACK time?

every kid needs an auntie like you :)

Drum sets, toy pianos, play doh that got stuck in the rug, paint sets..........paybacks are a BITCH.

Now he's watching Scary Movie 2. Mwahahahah!

Hysterical stuff! Thanks!

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