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called out swinging

called out swinging


In other news, the Jets signed Wayne Chrebet to a 7-year deal.

Islanders training camp opens September 13.

Remember that game with the ball and the bat and the bases? That used to be fun. What was that called? I forget.

You want baseball, pure and unadulterated? This is baseball:


First, thanks for the well-wishes re: our baby news.

Second - I think the photo above was the best logo for "A Small Victory" that you've ever used. It was perfect, actually. :)

most women who play sports know what true sport is... not many of us will ever be paid to play anything. i have hard time understanding the motivation behind the greed. we all want to provide for our futures and our families, but an overpaid (lucky) ball players perspective of providing is certainly different from the rest of us worker bee types. thank you for the pic again of real baseball.

i love the real baseball picture. it's true, there's something about suffering through all the news of contracts and greed that ruins the whole spirit of things.

I agree: kids play the greatest examples of pure baseball fun. Well, minor league ball is pretty damn cool too.

Well, I don't fault the owners or the players of baseball - it's up to them to decide how to share the money, so let them do it. Who I do fault are the Americans who fork out ridiculous sums of money to see them play a game which we all find more joyful when children play it for naught but love of the game.

But that's capitalism, so be it. If baseball dies, I won't miss it. If others do, hey, bully for them.

Moving along...


I put the photo back up just for you.