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Caption/Photoshop Contest #3

Captions below, mail photoshopped pictures to me. You can do one or all. Contest ends whenever I say it does.

Best photoshop picture wins a copy of one of our kick-ass wedding cds. (No Macarena included)

one two three


I just have one for #1: "Are we rock stars yet? Do we get to have sex now?"

1. Emmm
2. Marilyn Manson unveils his new look.
3. Britney visits Madame Tussauds.

oh my gawd. cristina finally looks like the washed-up crackwhore popstar she really is!

AUTHOR: lisa
DATE: 08/30/2002 11:38:23 AM

1. And the itsy-bitsy spider when up the spout agaaaaaaaaaaaaain!

2. Man, that Rob Zombie is hot once you clean him up.

3. Ok, I've got my hand up its ass. Now, how do I make the mouth move?

#3 paper or plastic?

AUTHOR: hoopty
EMAIL: mike@hoopty.cc
URL: http://www.hooptymike.com/loops/
DATE: 08/30/2002 03:48:36 PM

Dear God. Britney Spears is darker than Michael "I used to be black but then it went away" Jackson.

#3: "meet the new Batman supervillains"

Oh man, BigWig's #3 caption made me literally laugh out loud. I didn't see that one coming but it perfectly matches their facial expressions. My much less stellar caption included a Captain and Tenel reference.

#3 "we're just girls, guess we're some kind of freaks...."

"Some argue that Cynthia's obsession with her pop idol is getting out of hand..."

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