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(un)fan mail

(un)fan mail

Hey kids! Let's open today's mailbag!

I have this thing about people who email me comments instead of putting them right there in the open where everyone else can see them. I'm not talking about personal asides or inside jokes. I'm talking about angry, bitter rants complete with incorrect syntax. Today's mail is brough to us by the pleasant and grammatically challenged "Keebs", in whic he references the "countdown" post below. Hi Keebs! (It should be noted that Keebs's mail was in a big pink font)

Where have you been that you think they haven't "struck at us first?" What was 9/11? What was the bombing of the Pentagon? Acts of Friendship? You are one fucked up person man. You need to watch what you say and how you say it, you're site can give ideas and opportunities to people that really don't need them. Before you TRY to comment on something or give your opinion on something you really don't know about, think. My dad was in that building when it when down, and I don't appreciate your comments or opinions as many people I know and have spoken to don't. Please have some compassion in the future before you just type, because frankly, your opinion isn't shit.

My problems with The Keebs's little letter are as follows:

First, I never heard Bush claim that he wanted to bomb Iraq in retaliation for September 11. There has never been any definitive proof that Saddam indeed had anything to do with it. You don't bomb a country based on conjecture.

If dear old Keebs really thought that was a good enough reason to bomb Iraq, perhaps our letter writer should be spending time instead writing letters to the White House, asking why they haven't bombed Afghanistan yet.

However, that is not the main problem I have with his email.

You need to watch what you say and how you say it, you're site can give ideas and opportunities to people that really don't need them.

It's not even the part where he/she thinks that I shouldn't speak my mind lest other people start thinking, too. Next thing you know, we'll all be coloring outside the lines! It will be anarchy! Also, I really don't think that my words here on this site will ever have any big impact on a social revolution.

No, no, that's not the real problem at all. The problem is you're. That would be YOUR not YOU'RE in that particular sentence. You have broken one of my cardinal rules of being my friend, dear Keebs. You wrote the wrong your.

And one last thing, when you say your opinion isn't shit, then what you mean is my opinion is something other than shit. So what is it? Did you mean to say my opinion isn't worth shit, or my opinion is shit? Please clarify.

Thank you.

On a completely different tangent, I'm watching the MTV awards and Britney looks like the missing Village Person. Kylie, on the other hand.........let's just say it must be cold in that place.

Mary Kate and Ashley? That porn video may be closer than originally thought.


Great. Now I have to watch it, too. ;-*

yes, Britney looks like she just got done making a dominatrix video. what was she thinking??

I never get good hate mail like that. [pout]

wow ... that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen thing would be great ...

I would like to help warm Kylie up - wanna join me?

if I wasn't an asshole with too much love for Los Angeles, I could be at the VMA's working the online chat and discussing Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen before going to the Moby after party...

like my friend is doing right now.

Bugger. Could I give up sunshine and a laidback attitude for Moby after parties?

nope. I'm you're poster boy for california love.

Kreebs rules...your the one whose off her rocker. All hail Kreebs and bad grammar!

OK, any comments on Miss Christina? I won't even start here - I am waiting for your comments Michele.

OK, any comments on Miss Christina? I won't even start here - I am waiting for your comments Michele.

first of all congrats michele. secondly, ROFL @ all the VMA jokes. too funny. the best was eminen and christina. and the moby dick thing was hilarious... sounds like a setup to me, but hey what do i know?...and to the embecillic asanine that wrote that letter...im not even going there right now :)

Dammit. I missed the VMAs.

And Keebs can

Solely for the "your" mistake.
I fucking hate that shit, yo.

{sigh} At least you GET comments :-)

"you've got a methodist coloring book and you color very well,
but please don't color outside the lines or god will send you to hell..." - dead milkmen

Ewe write about sum of the strangest things sometimes Shell.

like he says, your opinion isn't shit, and I'm like, woah, if it's not shit, but he doesn't like it, what does he call something he does like? the shit? Like that shit's the shit? you americans confuse me, but I'm a patient president, and when I say I'm patient, I mean I'm patient....

Like you I hate that little section in his letter about how your site can give people ideas.

yes, you know, they found a web address scratched on a piece of paper in a charred suit jacket that looked a little like this:


Watch out. Because most peoople in the world don't think. They just have a mirror for a brain and what they say automatically triggers a vengefual and highly personal anger, that can only be eased by ultra violence.

like clockwork orange, say.

I use to be a good, patriotic american before reading 'a small victory'. Now I want to kill, kill , kill. Oh wait, michele said not to kill (at least, without a good reason). Now I don't know what to do. Is Anna Nichole on? Cool. Look at them big knockers. Pass me another budweiser, woman.

And I used to be a virgin until I read The wKen Show.

Now you've gone and dood it. I'm gonna go and join a mullisha!! YOU SAID IT WAS OKAY!!!!

Scary thing is - I think you're serious, Hoopty.

I understand your frustration at having people distort your position, but I cannot help wondering if publishing this email is not counterproductive.

Some people who want to make you aware of something or who want to comment on your post but do not have the confidence to do so in public, or for whatever other reason want to keep their thoughts private, might now feel unable to exercise their freedom of speech.

If you choose not to publish a message from someone without their permission, you will inevitably provide a shield for those cowards who hold strong views but who don't want other people to be able to express their views towards them. But this may be an unavoidable consequence of respecting other people's wishes and ensuring that every one of your visitors feels able to express themselves.

I believe the correct usage is, "your opinion ain't shit".

I also disagree that this is somehow a free speech issue, or a privacy issue. There is an old IT adage that says, "don't put anything in an email that you wouln't put on a postcard." It could get intercepted, missent, read/forwarded/redirected to someone else by mistake or deliberately, bcc'd to the boss, all sorts of things...Whether in email or comments, when we hit "send", these are the risks we take.

Kreebs put some thoughts in a "private" email. But Kreebs crossed a line by including threats. H/she deserves to be exposed.

I wrote keebs to take it to task for the threats, lack of content, unsupported conjecture and venom it spewed forth, and tried to enjoin keebs to say something useful rather than hurtful.

Not unexpectedly, a no content response came back of the "bugger off" variety.

That's more than I got. He didn't even respond to me.