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the final countdown

the final countdown

ESPN had a clock running on the bottom of the screen last night, a clock counting down to the very second the start of the almost inevitable baseball strike.

Like I need another thing to count down until.

This is the time of year for marking off calendars. End of summer, end of the year, almost. Really, by the time August 31 rolls around, the year may as well be gone.

First, I had the countdown to my wedding/birthday. That page has been marked off and discarded.

There's the countdown until school starts (6 days) and the countdown until September 11 (13 days), and then we start thinking about Halloween and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas and New Year's and 2003. Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and the season hasn't even started yet!

Calendars are a great way to instill a sense of panic and make your life flash before your very eyes. It's like a cartoon, where the pages of a daily calendar tear off one by one, going faster and faster and all the pages flying away, taking off to the skies, just like in real life. Where those days go, nobody knows. But they are gone, and things lie ahead, things that will be duly marked on the proper date in Sharpies, color coded for easy reading.

There should be a countdown clock for the bombing of Iraq. Come on, you know it's going to happen. Bush says he doesn't need congress and Ashcroft says we don't need our allies, and I guess all we need are to power-crazy leaders in office to wipe out a country that hasn't struck at us first. Pre-emptive striking is interesting. What if Saddam thinks - hey, the U.S. is preparing to bomb us, so why don't we bomb them first? - and isn't that along the same lines of thinking as W. and Company? Would they be wrong?

I know there are some people counting down the days until the Bush administration is gone (795 days...maybe). And some people are counting down the days until Ann Coulter gains a bit of perspective, which could be never or until Limp Bizkit breaks up, which can't be soon enough, or until the Red Sox win a World Series, which will be......well, I'll let you guys dream on that one.

Of course, there's always this countdown, which always freaks me out because those girls do not look 16. I'm sure they are aging at twice the speed of light and it won't be long until someone makes a countdown clock for the day they join AARP.

Anyone want to count down the days until Britney appears in Playboy? Tastefully photographed, of course.

Countdown for Spider-Man 2, 615 days. Two Towers? Only 110 days! Countdown to Armageddon? Who knows? Looks like they stopped counting. Only 9,554 days left until an asteroid smashes into earth.

You can even buy your own countdown clock for any occasion you are patiently waiting for - or personally dreading.

13 hours and 25 minutes until baseball screws the fans yet again. It figures, the Yankees have trounced the Sox the last two days and they are 9 games ahead. I wish I could stop caring.

6 days and 13 hours until the start of the NFL season.

40 days, 13 hours until the start of the NHL season.

Woosh, woosh.

That was the sound of the calendar pages flying away. That was the sound of my daughter suddenly being in 7th grade and my being on the other side of the hill marked "40" and...oh,yes...

Todd being 30 years old.

Happy Birthday, Todd. Countdown until your gift is ready for shipping:

63 days, 13 hours.

Suffer with me.


Now why do I have 'The Final Countdown' in my head...hmmm... Thanks for the birthday love. I'll try not to embarrass all the 30-somethings that have come before me...too much. :D

Michele, you forgot the most important clock of all. The real final countdown.

I often wonder about people count down to an anniversy of a tragity (IE, "oh, it's been a year since the towers"), like we haven't forgotten yet.

On a differnt thread, countdown to annoyances, like when E! counted down to the first Anna Nicole show, or like the mentioned baseball strike.

I'd rather count down to something more feasable, like Friday (13 hours!)


um, that olsen twins countdown... very creepy.

Just out of interest (and probably a modicum of poor taste) how come America hasn't called for "The Two Towers" to be renamed yet?

I don't mind the countdown to the NHL season :o)

I don't mind the countdown to the NFL season. I am so ready for football season.

Lyle, there was a petition online for a while to do just that. I think/hope it got laughed out of existence.

You slay me!