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how to spend money you don't have

how to spend money you don't have

Our shopping extravaganza tally for the past few days:


Dusk Till Dawn Collector's Edition
Pulp Fiction Collector's Edition
Follow That Bird (the darkest children's movie ever)
The Rookie (for the kids)
Schoolhouse Rock

Other stuff:

Too Much Coffee Man magazine (great article about enemas)
First three copies of The Filth
Stikfas toys
Steering wheel for the Dreamcast
Exercise ball for the hamsters (by the way, DJ changed the name of his hamster from Giambi to Akuma. Akuma would never go on strike, he said)
Mr. Softee bobble head
Captain Underpants Extra Crunchy Book o' Fun 2

Not to mention the 200 dollars worth of school clothes for the kids.

After a long overdue nap today, I woke craving coffee, only to find that we were out of coffee. We did, however, have a bag of coffee beans in the freezer. But we were sans coffee grinder. Not two minutes later, the UPS man delivered a package from Christine. Inside: a coffee grinder. Thank you, Christine, for saving the day!

And now, I must go stare at my empty wallet.


I am so envious. You got the collector's edition of Pulp Fiction and Pi. Almost too much DVD goodness.

Congrats on your marriage, Michele. Justin looks like a dish!

By the way, I've always thought "Babe: Pig in the City" was the darkest children's movie ever.

After all, how many kids films allude, even off camera, to full body cavity searches?

I absolutely ADORE follow that bird. I used to watch it constantly when I was little. when they dye big bird blue and make him sing in a cage, it makes me wanna cry :(

I personally found the most "freaky" childrens' movie to be Return to Oz. Those wheeler guys are deranged as hell, and don't even get me started on the woman with the head collection.

There is no such thing as a "great article about enemas"

Thanks for the link, BTW

I laughed so hard when I got your e-mail that my co-workers asked why I was laughing. I read it to them. I'm not sure if they got it (clueless, you know how co-workers are) but I felt almost like Superman! I think I'll change my name to Superblogger!

I'm glad I could save the day. Package #2 should be going out on Tuesday when I go to the post office.

I was terrified when I watched Follow the Bird when I was a kid. I hated Big Bird after that...

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