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i deny it all

i deny it all

I'm a bit hungover, totally wiped out, and incredibly, deliriously happy. And married.

I left the digital camera discs at my parents' house, so you will have to wait for pictures. As a matter of fact, you're going to have to wait for the whole blogged adventure of our wedding because we need to pack up, clean up and get out the door for our stay here.

Just keep in mind that no matter what Nancy and Chris tell you, it's all lies, lies, lies.

I did not dance to Nelly.

The DJ did not play all the songs I asked him not to.

I did not drink an entire bottle of tequila.

However, I did have a blast, as did our guests. And when they were all leaving - eight hours later! - each and every one of them said to me "what a fantastic wedding, and your friends Nancy and Chris are so great!" That much is true.

My judges did a fabulous job on the ceremony - it was heartwarming and sweet and made me cry. When they pronounced Justin and I husband and wife and we kissed, it was as if the world stopped turning just for us and for that one moment, we were the only people that existed. And then we realized where we were and we resisted the urge to strip and have wild honeymoon sex right there.

The DJ did play Baby Got Back. Everyone looked duly horrified except for the people dancing to it and the caterers, who seemed to enjoy it very much.

Everything else they tell you is a lie. Remember that.

We will be back on Wednesday and I'll have details and pictures if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Just one question - do people really have sex on their wedding night? Everyone I know who ever got married have always spoken of being too drunk or tired to even find their way into their partner's pants.

Anyhow, thank you to each and every one of you who left a nice comment or sent me an email. All your good wishes and good vibes helped make the day sunny and warm and fun and just perfect.

I'll be back Wednesday with full disclosure.


And pictures. Please.

Beth and I didn't on the wedding night, or for several nights after because I came down with the flu. But we've made up for it since.

Now we'll see how being a big ol' married lady affects your mad bl0gg1ng sk1llz.
Happy for you, babe!

I have some friends (well, two friends who married each other) who certainly did have sex their wedding night -- however, they did not have sex together until they got married (one of them had sex in a prior relationship but yeah). So I think if you're a "waiting till marriage" person, the months and years of sexual frustration lead to the wedding night sex.

I don't know anyone who had sex on their wedding night. My wedding night was spent searching mid-town Manhattan for an open deli so we could get a quart of milk and eat some of the leftover cake at midnight.

Your wedding night is always special, regardless how it is spent.


To answer the question: yes.

Congrats!! I wish you both nothing but happiness and joy. :D

Congratulations!! And to answer your question, yes, although by the time our wedding rolled around, both of us were so exhausted that it was a challenge. That's why they have honeymoons, kids!!

Welcome back to the club! I'm so happy for you Michele. Congrats!

The DJ played ::muffled sounds of Michele pushing a pillow over my face:: ...

Michele, what a nice day. Your family was great. Justin, now also your family, was so cool. It was wonderful to see you and to see you so happy.


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