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My sisters called me old last night because I was ready to go home and crash by 9pm.

I had two bathtub sized margaritas. This place that we frequent has a tendency to make their margaritas strong enough to kill a small animal.

I'm not a big drinker, I've never been. I have zero tolerance for alchohol. One Drink Michele is what they used to call me, and that nickname still holds.

Two margaritas and I was wobbly on my feet. And ready for bed. It has nothing to do with turning 40 tomorrow, really. It has more to do with the fact that Paxil enhances the effect of alcohol, that I took two Claritin before dinner and that I was utterly exhausted to begin with.

It always looks so bad when someone goes to greath lengths to defend themselves, no?

So, I realize that I've been doing an awful lot of navel-gazing here and that this has sort of become A Small Victory - The Wedding Blog. I was going to change course today and write something about a theory that West Nile Virus is really a plague, set in motion by bio-terrorists years ago and only coming to fruition now. Well, I dreamed about it and it sounded good in the dream. Also in my dream, Glenn Reynolds was chasing Laurence Simon around with a bloody butcher knife. And Laurence was laughing.

And I you know what popped into my head at 3am when I woke up from that dream? Work. I realized that I was supposed to set a trial date for a case. I'm going to have some pissed attorneys waiting for me when I get back. I have to figure out a way to block work from my mind for the next few days.

Anyhow, I'm getting married tomorrow (as well as turning the big 4-0) and what did you really expect me to write about today? Deranged mosquitoes? Deranged bloggers? Seriously.

I'm at the excited stage now. Most of my nervousness about the wedding and reception are gone. It may have something to do with the wedding present my parents gave me yesterday - they have decided to foot the bill for the whole shindig. Very generous of them, considering they did this once already.

I do have the greatest parents in the world, and not just because they have allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief in relation to my empty bank account, but just because they love me so unconditionallly and so fully and even though they (mom especially) can be really annoying sometimes, they have always stood by me no matter what I did, no matter which choices I made, no matter what.

My sister Jo-Anne and her husband have been the driving force behind this wedding. They have done all the planning and plotting and scheduling. Not only do I have no control over what is going on tomorrow, I don't even know the half of it. They have coordinated the decorations and entertainment and whatever else this wedding will entail, all without my input or knowledge, for which I am eternally grateful. I love my family.

Because my family is so supportive of all I do, perhaps they won't mind if we really do use these vows tommorow. You think?

Today will be spent setting up my parents' yard for the ceremony and party, and doing last minute running around. I pick up Nancy from the airport at 5, where we will have a quick dinner before I deposit her on a train (she is staying at Choire's), and then I will go home and battle insomnia. I will not be able to sleep tonight. Bill is heading down from Canada and she will hook up with Nancy and I am every so grateful to the both of them for traveling beyond the call of friendship to attend our special day. (Oh, Nancy...Bill...perhaps you both can hook up with Chris and come in from the city together).

So, as I was trying to say before all my thoughts got in the way, I am one lucky gal. Tomorrow I will marry my best friend. You have no idea how fortunate I consider myself to be marrying Justin. There's just no possible way I can put it into the right words, especiall at 6am with a slight headache. Or maybe I did put it into the right words once before.

Before I head off for the business of getting hitched (oh please, like I'm not going to blog tonight or tomorrow morning), I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for all the wonderful emails of support and good wishes, thank you for everyone who left a comment wishing us luck, thank you to Mike for this hysterical post and Robyn and Todd for this lovely post, to everyone who sent us gifts - (real thank yous are forthcoming, I'm not a social moron, really) - we both appreciate all the love and friendship and your warmth and good vibes will be with us throughout the day tomorrow.

So, go spread the love

(love spreading via Jhames and Frankie)

Now, about that West Nile theory....


Happy Birthday Michele.
And Congrats. I wish you and Justin the very best of everything!!!


congrats and have fun at your wedding. these are memories you want to enjoy later, so, do whatever makes you happy and not the rest of the people. it'll all work out.

ps. love those wedding vows! use them!

pps Happy Birthday!

happy birthday and best wishes for a rain free day tomarrow!!!

You deserve nothing but love and happiness. I am so happy for you! Congratulations, again. And there will be alive cam streaming the ceremony, yes?

erm, "a live cam".

I hope tomorrow's the absolute best, with a happy birthday and beautiful weather and the best of the bloggers there for everything. Congratulations!

Best of luck to you & Justin though it sounds like you don't need it. I just reread your post about love. You made me cry, damn it! I can't think of a better way to celebrate your 40th birthday than marrying your soulmate. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Congrats and hope u have a lovely wedding and birthday tomorrow
And oh yes...use those vows...I've never laughed harder in my life!

Happy birthday, happy wedding, happy marriage, happy life. All kindsa happy shit to you!

congrats! have a wonderful wedding. all the very best. and happy birthday too!:)

Happy Birthday, Michele! I hope your wedding day is spectacular.

Much love and happiness sent your way -- oh, and happy birthday, too! :)

I kiss you! All of you!

Happy birthday, happy wedding... wish I could be there... Amazon sent me an e-mail yesterday to tell me that the present I got you is held up due to "unforeseen difficulties" (the bastards) so it won't be sent for another few days. :(

Happy birthday, Michele! I wish the best life has to offer for you & Justin, and for all your loved ones!

Happy Birthday and Congratulations! Have a wonderful day, life, everything.

congrats to you and justin! wishing you a spectacular wedding day and an awesome 40th birthday as well!

All I can say is I hope that you and Justin continue to have such wonderful lives together and happy early birthday and happy wedding. :) Now go drink (one) margarita for me.

I hope you have the greatest birthday and the loveliest wedding ever!

All the best to you, Justin, the kids and all the guests. The Weather Channel says 0% chance of precip for tomorrow; I'm sure they're right.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Have the best day in the whole world!! I'll be thinking of you --

Hi! I'm here via Kat's blog to wish you the best on your wedding and new life together. I'm just another single mom who's hoping she's met the right one! Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Just saw the forecast for tomorrow - it's going to be a beautiful day. Rock! Have fun!

Best wishes to both of you! I wish I could be there to crash it. It will probably be one of the best weddings ever! Your first box is in the mail, with another to follow on Monday!

i don't know how to explain it, there's something soothing about this place, something that makes me laugh and think in my bones that everything is going to be alright only ironically that sometimes you share bits and pieces of my insecurity but it's nice (sadistic) to be able to read them too then sometimes perhaps i think i'm not so alone after all.

happy birthday, have a blessed and happy one. actually, i know that it will be happy so, i can't imagine how incredibly excited you must be, have fun michele, don't forget that the angels are watching and little things that go out of plan are just makings of the big picture at the end.

you getting married! now party the hell away cos it's only just begun!

love and hugs.