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love fest

love fest


Kisses for Baz and Melly and Choire and Ian and Tracy and Robyn and Todd and Jill and Stacy and Jessica and Aaron and James and.....and.....so many other people who I wish could be at our wedding on Sunday.

I'm going out with the girls now for dinner and a "few" drinks. Tequila for everyone! Oh man, if I have a shot for each one of you I may never recover.

I seriously love you guys.

Oh yea, that's my wedding hair cut. My first hair cut in over a year. It hurt.


Congratulations, best wishes, and good luck!! Oh, and nice haircut. :)

you sexy thing you ... *

You look amazing

Ditto. You look absolutely stunning!

Congratulations Michele!
wishing you both all the happiness in the world. have a wonderful absolutely incredible weekend!

Whatta Babe! Congrats!

Wow, a Michele pic! You look fabu, hon, and the haircut is great. You're gonna be all purty and shit for your wedding!

Excellent cut! I dreamed last night I was at your wedding and we had an absolute blast...so don't worry!

Honey, there is no beauty without pain.

And you are painfully stunning.

Make sure not to get rice in your eyes.


foxy mommma.


i can't wait to meet you, manslayer.

Good luck on Sunday!!!!

i've said this before...yer a total babe.

have fun tomorrow hun
:) smoochez

(the gimpmiester)




beautiful girl! that's the first picture i've ever seen of you, i think. great haircut. best of luck and love, honey.

You look beautiful!
Sooooo many kisses right back atcha!
I'm singing new wave love songs for you.

Have a spectacularly lovely day!


Beautiful haircut, and glad your wedding and birthday celebrations were so full of joy! (I know it looks weird congratulating you on a post when you hadn't been married yet, but I read from the top to the bottom, and, well I'm lazy)

Congratulations on your new life and I'm glad you've finally found true happiness!!


awwww! I feel just awful for not being able to celebrate your day in person. We are very happy for you and Justin. Your hair is fabulous as are you.


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