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photoshop was calling me

photoshop was calling me

Obviously, I had better things to do than go back to bed or check off my to-do list.


eewwwwww... it's too yellow.

Akuma would so kick Chun Li's butt.

Dude, Chun Li RAWKS. Understand? Akuma is going DOWN.

Darn. I liked the other one better. Much more powerful in its simplicity. And John is so wrong. Chun Li kicks booty.

And she's really, really cute.

I liked the other one, too, but it was artwork that belonged to someone else. I couldn't track the person down to ask permission to use it, and I began to feel guilty, so I changed it.

Yes, in addition to mother-guilt and catholic-guilt, I now have web-guilt.

I like this. It's kick ass.

The colors are nice.

Now, go do that thing ... what was it? Hmm ... oh yeah! Go get married you weirdo!

well done...Photoshop had me up till 3 a.m. last night....

But but Akuma!! He has the hair and the shadowy thing when he moves...and there was this special way to unlock and use him in Street Fighter 2, if you only beat everyone without losing any life and..



Who was that dude training with Chun Li anyways?