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the music never stopped

the music never stopped

We finally made a partial playlist for the wedding. The rest we will leave up to the DJ. I'll just tune him out when he plays whatever pop crap the kids request. Though some of my little cousins have already requested Ja Rule. I don't think so. Jay-Z, yes. Ja-Rule, no.

So, for interested parties, the partial playlist (in no particular order, yet):

Portishead - Glory Box
Mr. Bungle - Retrovertigo
Nick Cave - Ship Song
Radiohead - No Suprises
Lovage- Everyone Has A Summer
Bad Religion - Infected
Incubus - Anti-Gravity Love Song
Screaming Trees - I Nearly Lost You
Sade - Smooth Operator
Specials - Message To You, Rudy
Nick Cave - Lime Tree Arbor
Faith No More - Stripsearch
Beck - Soul Suckin' Jerk
Squirrel Nut Zippers - Hell
Dead Milkmen - If You Love Somebody Set Them On Fire
Smashing Pumpkins - Mayonaise
Pist*On - Grey Flap
Ultraspank - Five
Roy Orbison - Running Scared
Stroke 9 - Kick Some Ass
Linkin Park - With You
Faith No More - Evidence
War - Cisco Kid
Sublime - 40 oz To Freedom
Toadies - Tyler
Barry White - You're The First, The Last, My Everything
Jay Z - H.O.V.A.
Jay Z - Big Pimpin'
Nine Inch Nails - Terrible Lie
Pixies - Where Is My Mind
Ramones - Blitzkreig Bop
Smiths - This Charming Man
Duran Duran - Planet Earth
Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On
Ministry - Every Day Is Halloween
Foo Fighters - Hey, Johnny Park
Prong - Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
MC 900Ft Jesus - If I Only Had A Brain
Hum - Stars
Gravity Kills - Enough
Butthole Surfers - I Had A Dream Last Night
Type O Negative - Love You To Death
Failure - Stuck on You

And that's as far as we got. That doesn't count the Sinatra and Elvis and everything the DJ has planned already. We are working on an new wave/metal list for later on in the night, when most of the easily-offended adults and children are long gone. I'm still taking suggestions, which may be easier now that you know where our musical sensibilities lie.

One more job finished. Got shoes and a new bra today. Haircut tomorrow. I feel like I can breathe. These tequila sno-cones sure are helping.


I'll take one of those tequila sno-cones.

you never cease to amaze me.

this is going to be one hip wedding.

Thanks for adding yourself to my guest map. Geeeee, i was just looking at your blog and didn't see your list of "100 things..." I think you need to get on it!

Here is the link to my list, followed by the rules...


Have fun and get it done before the weekend, otherwise you are grounded.

In honor of the fond memories that we all have of the Blogwhore game, will you play "Personal Jesus" for me? Please? I would be so touched. I still can't look at a crucifix without laughing.

Where is the AIr Supply? Where is the BEe Gees? Where is the Barry Manilow? And where, oh where, is the GG Allin?

"There's no stoppin' the cretins from hoppin'.."

Sorry, I just love Ramones...not referring to anyone inside your wedding party, outside your wedding party, never heard of your wedding party....um, I'll shut up now...

Good playlist. With this nothing can go wrong at the wedding.

Can you play one Madonna song and pretend that I'm there dancing lasciviously? Punch-drunk, of course. And almost without pants.

For you (especially the thought of you almost pantsless), I will play that "get into the groove" song.

(a la Mister Burns) ex-cellent.

I love how much a playlist give you a peek into someone.

What, no Chicken Dance?

that list is awesome. unfortunately, I imagine we're going to be stuck with your usual long island fare -- sinatra (which I can handle), that damned "hands up" song, and I betcha -- no matter how much we say NO, some sappy crap like Shania Twain.

I think I need to fire up Kazaa. Who are these people?? LOL!!

beautiful playlist !!

completely off topic: whoa! i used to date a guy named johnny park. bizarre. searches frantically for an mp3

I'll qualify this by saying just how much I love Trent Reznor, but..."Terrible Lie" at a wedding? I mean, it's one of my faves, but it certainly didn't get played at my wedding (though in hindsight, it certainly could have been).

Sounds like it's gonna be a great wedding, though!

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Hello. If you are owner of this site, delete this message, please.