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i've always wanted to join a sinister cabal

I've always wanted to join a sinister cabal

Please don't kick my ass. I'm just taking a short break to tell you that I am officially part of blogcritics (A sinister cabal of the web's best writers on music, books and popular culture miscellanea - updated continuously ) now, and while I have yet to post anything there, you should really go read every single story and article that is up. Really.

Wayne Robins is part of blogcritics, also. Waybe Robins, who I grew up reading and being envious of. I'm telling you, it takes so little to make me grin like an idiot.

Break over. I'm going to watch the Yankee game take care of some more wedding stuff.


Damn Yankees...soon there will only be 5 or 6 teams in baseball.

no no no.. soon there will be NO baseball.

umm--isn't this timed before 6 PM, as per previous post regarding posterior kicking?