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mystery maus

mystery maus

We received two more wedding presents in the mail today.

Thank you Robyn and Todd for the lovely gifts. I don't know why, but I just had to have that oil sprayer. And Justin loves the pepper mill. You guys are incredibly sweet.

We received another gift off of our wishlist; a copy of Maus, something I have wanted for a long time. There was a really nice note with the gift, but unfortunately, Amazon failed to print the name of the giver on the sheet. So will the person who purchased this for us please come forward to claim your thanks?

Mystery solved. Thank you, Chris for a wonderful gift. The funny thing is, I said to Justin "this seems like something Chris would send." You made my day!


Oil sprayers are very cool. Good choice.

I'm sure the sprayer will be put to very good use. ;-) Many congrats and all our love!

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