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bobble rivalry

bobble rivalry


The baseball wars in my family continue.

DJ bought this Roger Clemens bobbin head for my mother (and I did have to refrain from making any obvious bobbin' Roger's head jokes to her) at McDonald's. He used five dollars of his own hard earned money to purchase this gift for his grandma.

When we went to my parent's house on Monday, it was obvious my father had taken Roger hostage. After adding the scars and necessary adornments, my father placed the doll at his computer desk, where he would take the time to punch it in the face every time he sat down. I also heard he was using it in an attempt to sabotage Clemens' performance during a game, using Bobble Head Voodoo.

Let it be known that we have purchased a McDonald's Mike Piazza Bobble Head.

Revenge shall be ours, served with a side of french fries.


What happens if you supersize the meal?

You get the John Holmes bobble head.

Oh honey, I don’t think your Dad would want that on his computer desk.

But just imagine the traffic you could stop with a John Holmes bobble head atop your dashboard, to say nothing of the other baseball moms.

Does the Mike Piazza bobblehead have the same annoying Pert perfect hair as the real thing?

I still can't believe your dad defaced DJ's gift. His hard earned money! Dad should have to buy him a toy or something to make up for that!