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what, me worry?

what, me worry?


Should any of you out there be considering an outdoor wedding, don't do it. It's not worth the anxiety.


It betcha you're okay.

What time is the wedding scheduled for? Here in the Soggy South our thunderstorms normally come in the late afternoon. If that's the case, they will serve to clear out the guests who keep hanging around and you and Justin can get an earlier start on married nookie.

not that I'm wishing rain for your wedding day, but folklore says that a rainy wedding day brings prosperity...

crossing my fingers for you!

Husband and I had an outdoor wedding. In May. In Alabama. It was gorgeous. Because I willed it so.

30% is nothing...you can do it.

I agree with the above - 30% is NOTHING! Don't worry - tequilla tastes just the same rain, sun or snow! It will still be beautiful and it will still be completely wonderful!

You'll be fine! We had an outdoor reception. It poured all week and all that morning, then cleared off for the reception...and started pouring for the next week (we went camping on our honeymoon, of course).

Anyway, I always heard that rain on your wedding day was good luck.

you know it's good luck to be married in the rain, right?

There's an old Roman proverb: Rain falls in the lap of the happy bride. I do hope you you only have a very little rain in your lap, though, and not until long after the festivities are through. Or before they begin.

I'm sure there's some sexual innuendo in "rain in your lap," but I'm too tired to look for it now.

You have more of a chance of it being a nice day on Sunday where you are then we have of it being a nice day on Friday when my sister gets married...

Hope my camera equipment doesn't get wrecked! :)

Sigh. You people really don't think I'm falling for that "rain is good luck" crap, do you?

Please see this old post for my feelings on little white lies that are meant to pacify.

Besides, the forecast has been changed to partly sunny and 78 degrees. Wheeee!

As long as any slight drizzle doesn't dilute the happiness or the tequila.

you should have bought something in latex

I did. It's for after the wedding.

Damn. Melly beat me to it.

It rained on Melissa's parada -- but it was still a wonderful, beautiful ceremony.

Don't sweat the stuff you can't control.

And our best to you both.

You know, we watched the weather forecast for our wedding day for two or three weeks. And it said it was going to be cold and possibly rainy on that day. It ended up being a perfect day, as our wedding photos will attest.

Don't worry about it! The weather forecast can change at any moment. And if it rains on your wedding, so fucking what? That just means every time it rains, you'll think about your wedding day, and you'll be happy.

See why I married him? He's smart!

I thought you married me for my large collection of Victrola recordings!

Put a statue of Mary in the window. God's mother that is, not just Mary anybody.

Good thing you clarified that, Tina. I was just about to go get a statue of Mary Tyler Moore.

Do you think Mary is going to help me out even though I'm an atheist? I'll try anything at this point.

I'LL put Mary in the window. Lucky for you the only thing I got from Grandma after she died and our cousins grabbed up everything worth while, was her Mary statue. (It's just her head, tho. Does that count?)

Is it a bobble head?