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all points bulletin

all points bulletin

Hey, if any you guys see a fat, brown hamster running around, could you send him back this way please? He's an evil looking guy who answers to either FatBastard or BullyBoy (but not by his real name, Kobe).

Three days and we lost one already. If you were hamster, where would you hide?

*UPDATE* At 1:30 a.m., as we were getting ready to give up the chase, the little thing appeared in the kitchen, looking up at us as i to say "I told you not to wait up for me. Geeeez!"


behind the fridge, under the couch, someplace cold and dark. check bathrooms and dark spaces in closets. move everything that is on the floor in the room that he was originally in and get on your knees. sorry to hear you lost one. i can send a cat your way if you really want him found ;)

Does EmoKid have a guilty look on his face? Not that I could tell you what a guilty-looking hamster would look like, but if I were Inspector Gerbil from the Habitrail Precinct come 'round to check out the scene of the disappearance, EmoKid would be my first suspect.

The suspect is already in custody. The alleged culprit is a 12 year old girl with no concept of how to follow rules.

Glad you found him! I know Emo-bitch will be a happy hampster tonight.

Oh, good. Fridge was my suggestion too. That's where mine always hid.

No, no, we didn't find him. I just know how he got out.

They swim well. I had one that swam in circles in the toilet for hours (I suspect maybe he just floated there sometimes) before we found him.

Behind the fridge, under the stove, in all the floor level kitchen cabinets. In closets, especially those which are packed full of stuff. When my hamsters escaped, I always checked the cats for telltale tufts of fur in their mouths before looking further, but I think you don't have that problem.

look under couches and chairs for holes eaten in the under-lining stuff.

or wait till it's late, turn off everything that makes any noise in the house and most of the lights (have flashlights handy), be very still, and listen for little chomping or scurrying noises and things of that nature.

So long as you didn't pull him out of Richard Gere's ass....

That is an evil looking hamster...

Do you suppose there was a hamsterfest somewhere? A sort of RodentCon to prove that humans are not the only ones who can party their little brains out when it strikes them?

From the looks of him when we found him, I'd say he went to a hamster rave where they listened to Moby and did hallucinatory drugs all night. He looked like he had been doing the hamster dance for a few hours.