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I am the power!

I am the power!

Yea, so I watched the new He-Man show last night. And I enjoyed it.

Got a problem with that?

Didn't think so.

I mean, I watched Adam turn into He-Man. That's like watching the episode of Little House on the Prarie when Mary goes blind.

I don't know why, it just is. Trust me.

I've had too much coffee today. And I think that now, at this moment, is the most content I have ever been in my life.

I was driving today and spaced out waiting for one of those big-intersection- fourteen-different-turn-lanes-red-lights to turn green. Still with me?

I had a daydream while I waited.

It was my wedding. The Judge got to that part where he says "does anyone here object..." (yea I know they don't say that anymore, but it's my daydream, damn it) and suddenly my ex husband runs into the back yard yelling I Object! I object! And then he falls to the floor and everyone stomps him and we skewer him and roast him on a spit and feed him to my uncle's dog.

That's where the light turns green and some guy behind me in a Gran Torino straight out of the 70's leans on his horn and I wave to him like he's my best friend. Maybe his name is Starsky. Or Hutch.

Thump, thump, thump goes his bass. House music. How can you drive to dance music and enjoy it? Unless he was on ecstacy and wearing a day-glo necklace he should have been listening to something else. He pulls up next to me at the next light and I turn up my stereo. Some shit is on the radio, Papa Roach or something. How embarassing. So I hit play on the cd as the Torino rave boy turns his bassthumping music up louder and I pray that I didn't leave Portishead cd in there because that's just not right for the moment. Ok, good, it was Sublime. You know that bass at the beginning of Waiting for My Ruca? It shakes, rattles and rolls your rear view mirror. But nevermind the bass. There's the barking dog at the start of the cd. And I had it so loud. And the dog on the cd starts barking. Scared the living shit out of the Torino guy. He was turning his head eight different ways to see where the dog was at.

It was almost as good as roasting your ex-husband over an open fire.

I need less coffee in my diet.


I would've loved to have seen that incident in person. The Techo-Torino guy. But I know what you mean about the roasting thing.

And one can never have too much coffee, it's one of the basic four food groups.

I watched He-Man, too. I liked it. It's been years since I saw the original series and I still recognized the characters, makeovers and all.

Did you see the look Teela gave him when he burst on the scene? You could tell she was thinking "What a stud!"

Long live the most powerful man in the universe.

I loooved the original He-Man series! But the cast seems to have changed, or is my memory failing me? I remember Man-At-Arms and Zork as Adam's best friends..

I unfortunatly missed He Man. I did however catch that miserably pittiful excuse for the transformers this saturday. Hrm, transformers manga style. Is there anything we can do to stop this travesty?

Re: He-Man...it looks like the cartoon studios are running out of ideas. I see that Transformers is coming back too. What's next? M.A.S.K and Smurfs: The Next Generation?