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don't let the clubhouse door hit your ass on the way out

don't let the clubhouse door hit your ass on the way out

Major League have set August 30th as the strike date.

Go ahead. Strike. See if I care. I'll find a way to fill my September without constantly watching the scoreboard to see if Boston is creeping up on the Yankees. I'll find something else to do in October when I would normally be watching the World Series.

Honestly, I don't even care anymore. Bud Selig and his cronies have taken any passion I had for the game and flushed it away for good. Not to mention many of the players, who have become selfish and greedy and play the game only for their own stats and bonus clauses.

I'm sick of the twenty commercial in between innings and pitches brought to you by this beer or that soda and crybaby wimps like Roger Clemens who make 10 year old little leaguers look mature.

I'm not going to miss five hour games. I'm not going to miss endless arguments over strike zones. I'm not going to miss players barely running out fly balls and sitting out games over hangnails.

I'll miss Barry Bonds. I'll miss Jason Giambi. I'll miss the sound of the crack of the bat and roar of the crowd.

But I won't miss Major League baseball.

Football season is breathing down my neck. Hockey isn't far behind.

Go ahead, strike. You already lost me.


Baseball and professional sports, in general, haven't been the same for a long time now. You know who I miss? Old timers like Mike Schmidt and Greg Luzinski and Larry Bowa (although, he IS back and that's been awesome)... guys who took the time to come out on the field and give autographs. Players who took the time to explain their techniques to little kids before the games. You don't see that anymore. At least not in Philly.

I miss Dale Murphy. A lot.

I'm all for it. That means my favorite TV shows won't be pushed back until October, and "The Simpsons" doesn't have to start around Thanksgiving. If they need to whine because they can't live with what they make when there are so many other important people in society making less than they do, then fine.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm not a big fan of professional sports.

Fox Sports West does a lot of Dodgers games out here, so I get to hear Vin Scully broadcasting them. That's what I'll miss if they go; that background audio from the TV while prepping dinner. Takes me back to when I was 9 years old and first fell in love with baseball on the radio, listening to Scully and Doggett on KFI, scoring games on hand-drawn scorecards in an 8.5×11 spiral notebook. I sure as hell won't miss Selig and his buddies grasping for the taxpayers to build them new stadia every ten years, all the while refusing to open their books and crying about how their losses are piling up every time Congress looks at the antitrust exemption.

Pre-season football has already started so baseball can just go away already for all I care. I do feel bad for true baseball fans because most of them will be so pissed off they won't go back after another strike.

The idea of that they would strike--with everything that is happening to our economy at the moment--just infuriates me. I won't miss it either.

I am right with you...
Bring on the football games baby!


You'll miss Barry Bonds??? He's the first on my list of players who don't give a shit about the fans. I wouldnt miss him if he fell off the planet. nevermind what i think about the strike. there arent enough words. and by the way, I LOVE ROGER CLEMENS!

Yea, I heard your mother blows Clemens.

(don't worry, kids. Inside joke with my sister)

ahhh football and hockey. now THOSE are sports :)

i dont care if they strike. i'm a football girl anyway. what they did to the fans at the all star game was enough to make me never watch it again. very well said michele.

The biggest losers are, of course, the fans. I mean, you've got to be a really big loser to worship and follow the activities of these spoiled brats working for even bigger spoiled brats.

I find it REALLY REALLY hard to be sympathetic to people making $11,000,000 per year who feel they are underpaid.

Anyway, baseball hasn't been the same since the Brooklyn Dodgers went west.

I think that the players are obnoxious to think they deserve more. I feel that in the event of a strike, they should let the minor league players to take over. With this said, I've created a petition. If you are for it, please sign it.

I've had a theory all year that the probability of a strike is directly proportional to the probability that this is THE year for the Red Sox. Right now, I'd say they will find a way to avoid the strike!

Pretty much the same sentiments that I have. Let them strike. Let the owners lock them out. Let them lose sight of what they are out there for. Then, let their money go to Hockey and Football.