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meet the hamsters

meet the hamsters

What idiot would spend $100 on hamsters and hamster supplies a week before her wedding that she can barely pay for as it is? This idiot.

Please welcome Giambi and Kobe.

The kids rejected our suggestion at naming them Ryu and Akuma, which would have been more fitting seeing as that they are already trying to fight to the death.

Speaking of fighting to the death, we watched the most bizarre movie today: Battle Royale, a Japanese subtitled movie in which a 42 students are whisked away to a deserted island where they must kill each other off until one is left standing. Highly recommended, if you like that sort of stuff.

The hamsters are squealing. Or maybe that's one of the seven kids who decided to park themselves in my house tonight to play video games. Looks like I'm not getting near the Dreamcast tonight.

Oh yea, for those keeping track, we got our wedding bands today. One less area in which I need to panic.


Have you informed the Yankees' public relations people of this name yet, so they can congratulate Jason?

(They are cute).

George would probably sue me.

I want to see Battle Royale. I must seek it out.

they look like vicious, bloodthirsty little furballs. beware the hamsters.

It looks like Kobe is in a puddle of blood. Are you feeding them raw liver? Or damn great steaks?

And here I thought I was the only person with that Street Fighter puzzle game. :) Congrats on the rats hamsters.

I read about Battle Royale when it first came out and I would love to see it. Must find it to rent.

(I hope that fixes the strikeout)

I had a few hamsters once. I named them Chanel and Anteus. Oh yeah, I'm a big fag.

Congrats on the wedding bands!

I wanted to see Battle Royale. But my brain is broken. I read that they dumped 42 hampsters on an island.

I LOVE hamsters.. it's such a humbling thing to realize that so much life is in such a small package.

congrats on finding the right wedding toppers - they're great! - and don't worry about 40. It's actually a lot of weight off your shoulders once it's come and gone.


just kidding, i'm sorry!!!

Maybe with a little fried peanut butter, Adam?

I've been seriously pondering getting some hamsters of my own ever since Heather linked to Habitrail. That is some cool stuff. But I decided, after cleaning up after two cats, it was just too much work... until I saw the pics of yours! They are so cute. I want some now. They only make little hamster turds, right? How hard can it be?