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consider yourself

consider yourself

See, here's the thing about linking other blogs. One of the general rules (at least in my mind) is you don't go around posting the same exact sentence in the comments of every blog in the blogosphere, especially when some of the places you leave that comment are under sad, heartfelt posts and your words feel like an intrusive advertisement, one bellowing "I don't really care what the hell you are going on about, I just want to be notices in the fastest way possible!" It sort of loses its flavor when you see the same thing posted over and over again on every site on your blogroll.

You know what I'm talking about, right?


hhm, i know what you are talking about but i am just a poor little cockatoo. i only type what i have been told.
have a nice day! have a nice day! bang

I seem to have been spared.
Even spammers don't love me.

I heard about that person. What a monkeyass.

i do. and thanks for saying something about it, i thought I was the only one who noticed.

I don't know what you're talking about...
I just feel guilty, but for what?

I can't take the guilt...

Running nekkid through your blogback?

Sorry has that been done already?

I'll come in again... hang on.


You must now pass hugz onto another...

also been done already you say. Shit.

i only saw two, and one of them was in mine. creepy. now i feel like i should go looking. like she's a demented easter egg...

T, don't bother, it's the same goddamned comment everywhere.

And Michele, you go girl. I was annoyed but couldn't think of anything to say. Nice job.

you do know i was kidding right? i know/knew what you are talking about, i just felt like having some fun. it reminded me of the giant cockatoo at my local pet store who says nothing but "how you doin?" all damn day. ugh.

Melly & I figured that the culprit was looking for an easy way to become a blog celebrity. or something.

My only beef with all of this: why on God’s green earth would anyone use moving text in a blog? I mean, honestly, it’s just horrific on the eyes.

I got one too. I think way too much time was spent at blogrolling, hence the cut and paste. Now I don't feel so special, Mr. Rogers LIED.

love the blog ... consider yourself linked!

love the blog ... consider yourself linked!

That's how many times I got it.

I kind of love her.

sniff not even once. my blog feels so unloved.

however, i think the blogcon blog has you all beat. we had a guy named bernie comment on like, every single post, 'hey! want wi-fi access at your convention? i do wi-fi on geek cruises. you people seem like the kind of people that want wi-fi! oh yeah, did i mention i do wi-fi?'

but no love for the kdblog. sigh

yep, I got one too. isn't there some sort of blog ettiquette list that could pop up automatically when creating your blog? Maybe bitch slap them in the face a few times?

Ok, I was just talking with my sistah, and we have an idea. Everyone who got that stupid comment should go to her site and cut and paste the same comment back to her. Me? Cranky? Noooo.

Hello. If you are owner of this site, delete this message, please.


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