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showers and beavers

showers and beavers

So much for world domination through cartoons.

Lunch out with Bonnie and Jo-Anne was not the lunch of tequila and a quick nap that I so desired, but a wedding shower.

SUPPLIES!! (anyone get that?)

It was a lovely shower, at my favorite restaurant, and it did include a very strong margarita and enertainment by my own son and some nice gifts. I hate being social, I really do. But I think I managed to pull this one off.

Thank you, Joe-Anne and Bonnie for setting the whole thing up.

Ok, now I can go home and watch cartoons. I'm off until Monday. That's a whole lot of Beavers and Zim. Yippee!


i get it! :D

Tequila + wedding shower = ideas of flying Elvis' marrying you

It was my pleasure - next is a "private" shower with tequilla and dancing emus!

I own that DVD, of course I get it! "Don't you know the Dewey Decimal System??"