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butterflies and ballads

butterflies and ballads

I woke up in a weird mood this morning. I had strange, bothersome dreams last night that are still playing in my head.

I've worked myself into a frenzy over the wedding. I've got constant butterflies and a dull throbbing above my eye.

I'm nervous.

I'm not in the least worried about being married. The gods of love have already smiled upon us enough to last a lifetime.

It's still the food. The weather. The everything. Will the guests be happy? Will they have a good time? Will my blogging friends mingle with my family? Will my father throw anyone in the pool? Will my bosses freak out when they see me drunk and under the table, screaming for some hot lovin'?

Oh, we have to make a list for the DJ. He said he will play whatever we want, regardless of it being tasteless, crude or just plain bad, as long as we supply him with whaterver discs he doesn't already own. Trust me, he doesn't own any Front Line Assembly discs.

So we want to make a playlist that equally entertains children, teenagers, adults, drunk adults, illegaly drunk teenagers, the rock and roll crowd, the moshing crowd, the hair metal crowd and the over-60 Frank Sinatra crowd (we don't really care about the sappy Air Supply ballad crowd). And us. The bride and groom need to be entertained too, no?

Uh, help. Please.


i guess the "barney soundtrack" is out then?

Get yourself some Sinatra: "Songs For Swingin' Lovers." Really, Michele - all the cool kids are doing it. :) Seriously, Sinatra blows the roof off the joint.

Actually, we've already penned several Sinatra songs into the playlist. It just wouldn't be a wedding in my family without someone belting out Summer Wind

you don't care about the air supply ballad group? well fuck you beotch, I'm not coming to your wedding now. After all the times you promised you'd play Lost in Love, and All Out of Love. Call yourself an atni terrorist titorist. Harumph.

As to a practical selection, what about Loungeapolooza?

A little Marvin Gaye can't hurt - sexy, danceable, appropriate for all ages...

Otherwise, geez, this is hard. My brother is getting married this weekend, and he is lucky enough to have a friend who owns a couple 1000 CDs. I can only hope for such luck when my turn rolls around.

I worried about the same things and as it turned out the corny stuff did not seem that bad at the time.


Make sure you have some Aretha Franklin on hand; that transcends all sorts of boundaries.

In the same vein, work on getting some old-school Stevie Wonder.

And nothing says wedding fun like 80s hair metal band Vixen.

I really should just let you do this because it's part of the experience, BUT, you will be surprised how fast it goes, how pleased people are, and how little of it you'll remember.

Don't worry yourself into a frenzy over things people won't care about and things you aren't in control of.

If people don't want to mingle, if they want to be hard asses, then they are going to be. This day is about you and Justin and those who love and respect you will experience and remember that alone.

Not who you played or what you served. And hell, if it rains, you go inside and you get married in the square type thing they call a house.

It's about the love Michele, screw everything else.

I know it's cheesy, I know it's trendy, but trust me: Karaoke. Nothing brings people together like the getting drunk and making asses of themselves.

We're saving the karaoke for later on the night, after all the stodgy relatives have packed up and gone home and left just us party animals and no-shame idiots there to make fools of ourselves.

Oooo. Lounge lizard music would be fun. But I say please yourselves. Screw everyone else.

The blonde sneaked the corny cd's she made into our reception. I was in the restroom when I heard ... Anne Murray ... But I didn't care. You won't care. :)

I spent months (months!) putting together music for our wedding. And it was a damn good mix, if I do say so myself. Something for everyone -- Ella Fitzgerald, the Beatles, Van Morrison, TMBG, the Ramones, Magnetic Fields, Bjork, Johnny Cash, even some Frankie Yankovic and His Yanks! People danced! It was great!

I can send you the lists, if yer interested. But it's true -- no one will care because they will be all blissed out and you will be blissed out and everything will be wonderful. Unless you play the Chicken Dance. Then everyone will hate you.