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BlogMoodMeter (tm)


My sister Lisa is the only living person who has more bad mood days than I do. Today is one of them, for both of us. So instead of doing whatever it is she is supposed to be doing (making fun of her boss?) she made this.


Kind of like mood rings, but not. I think I'll use this above the first post of each day so you can know what to expect. This way, if you don't feel like listening to the ranting vitriol of a misogynistic would-be sniper, you can skip right over this page when the mood is pointing to black.

On the other hand, if you aren't all about the fluffy bunnies and rainbows and stars, you can skip the blog on days the mood is Yippee blue.

Don't worry, I don't get many of those.

So today would be:


I'm hoping to get it down to "decent" at some point.

Feel free to use the image. I've convinced Lisa to make a graphic with each mood checked off so I'll put them up somewhere later if you are so inclined to use a BlogMoodMeter(tm) on your page. It's better than those silly face icons, don't you think?

update: she changed the size and made a zip of all the different variations. If you want them, email me.


That's cute - but it's so BIG! LOL!

Maybe you should work up a series of CSS and then change your color scheme based on how you feel?

Right now the "Foul" part would be all that I need.

Dude, I want this badly. Please send me the zip file. :)

Oh, yes, me too for the .zip - would your sister consider doing files with each square checked off alone? That would make it smaller, at least. But it's so swell, I must have it whatever the size of the graphic.

i want this too. =)

Wish I'd seen that before I did today's post! I think I would have rated the day as "crappy." (At least, that's my mood right now.)

my day was "eh" orange cause you weren't in today!

Hi, Michelle. That Blogmood thing-y is cool. I'd love to put one on my blog, too. While I'm at it, I'd also like to link to you....

There's also this, but I like yours.

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